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Full Name:

Dorothy Alice Spiker
  Known As: Dorothy  
  Date of Birth: October 29, 1914  
  Date of Death: July 17, 1953  
  Spouse: Hayward P Summers  
  Father: Jacob Spiker  
  Mother: Lillie Missouri Gay Zinn  




October 29, 1914
Oxford, Holbrook Community, Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA
  Marriage: at age 28 to Hayward P Summers
  Death: July 17, 1953 at age 38 from colon cancer that metastasized to the lungs.
  Burial: July 18, 1953
South Fork Cemetery, Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA



 When Dorothy was born:


Top News Headlines

  • 1914 - War Erupts - World War I
  • Oct 29 - Russia declares war on Turkey
  • October 31 - Great Britain & France declare war on Turkey

President -Woodrow Wilson
Vice President - Thomas R. Marshall


 Top Songs for 1914-- "St. Louis Blues" by W.V. Handy   "By the Beautiful Sea" by Harold R. Atteridge

Hot Toys /Games --  "Toy Soldiers"     "Tinker Toys"


Average Costs throughout the US in 1914

  • Bread averaged $.06 p/loaf
  • Milk would run you about $0.36 p/gallon
  • Eggs cost $.33 p/dozen
  • A Car would sell for $500
  • The median home value $4800
  • A US Postage Stamp was $0.02 each
  • The average income was $1055 p/year
  • DOW Avg: 75
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