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Full Name:

Marjory Fay Spiker
 Known As:Marjory 
 Date of Birth:June 6, 1911 
 Date of Death:November 4, 1963 
 Father:Jacob Spiker 
 Mother:Lillie Missouri Gay Zinn 




June 6, 1911
Oxford, Holbrook Community, Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA
 Marriage: Never married
 Death:November 4, 1963 at age 52 - cause of death listed as "unknown-natural causes"
Other significant conditions contributing - "cerebral palsy"
Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA
 Burial: November 15, 2006
South Fork Cemetery, Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA




 When Marjory was born:


Top News Headlines

  • June 1 - First US group insurance policy written, Passaic, NJ
  • June 6 - Nicaragua signs treaty turning over customs to US (not ratified)
  • June 16 - A 772 gram stony meteorite strikes the earth near Kilbourn, Columbia County, Wisconsin damaging a barn.

President -William Howard Taft
Vice President - James S. Sherman


Some of the Top Songs for 1911-- "Down by the Old Mill Stream"     "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"
Some of the Hot Toys /Games --  "Pirate and Traveler Board Game"     "Electric Trains"


Average Costs throughout the US in 1911

  • Bread averaged $.05 p/loaf
  • Milk would run you about $0.34 p/gallon
  • A Car would sell for $500
  • The median home value $4800
  • A US Postage Stamp was $0.02 each
  • The average income was $983 p/year
  • DOW Avg: 82


 Fun Facts, Interesting Tidbits & Puzzling Trivia
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