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The Spiker Family Gazette

     Oxford, WV Volume 11         Issues 1 - 12 January - December 2017        
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   Our cousin, Gary W. Zinn, introduces himself and shares stories about his childhood. 

     Bobbi Spiker-Conley
ICYMI -- Recently Published Issues

November 2017 -- Introducing our ancestor Robert Bradford -- an interview with Jim Bradford about the Bradford Farm Family Cemetery. We also get to meet Mark & Marilyn's newest granddaughter.

December 2017 -- Check out the awesome aerial view of the Spiker Family Farm. This edition includes several announcements - two new babies & one new marriage.

January 2017 --  Some call it a "do-over" or a "start-over" but ours is more of a "reboot" or "rebuild" - see what that means for our family tree.