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     Oxford, WVVolume 14       Issues 7 thru 9July thru Sept 2020       
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     Not much is known about our 2nd great-grandfather, Jacob Bradford. However, after a year-long search (of military records, civil war soldiers' diaries, newspaper articles, published histories, and through correspondence with knowledgeable historians,) we are able to visualize what transpired in the weeks leading up to his death in the Civil War Battle at Cloyd's Mountain.

     The stories we uncovered were too great to be limited to a single edition of our newsletter. Therefore, we have split our research into three categories: 

     July 2020 - This is our introduction to Jacob Bradford, his march in the Tennessee & Virginia Railroad Campaign, and his death in the Battle at Cloyd's Mountain. This article will surely arouse many emotions. We believe it is best experienced full-screen from your computer monitor (vs. cell phone or small tablet.)

     August 2020 - Here we've included some of the "other stories" related to the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain - a mix of the genealogical, the humorous, and the unbelievable.

    September 2020 - Learn more about Jacob Bradford's "Company F" of the 14th WV Volunteer Regiment. 

     These are all lengthy reads, so please set aside some time (in front of your computer) to truly immerse yourself into these remarkable stories. Enjoy.


     Bobbi Spiker-Conley


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