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Full Name:

Robert Roe Spiker
 Known As:Bob 
 Date of Birth:December 30, 1925 
 Date of Death:February 21, 2000 
 Spouse:Willa Dean Bonnell 
 Father:Jacob Spiker 
 Mother:Lillie Missouri Gay Zinn 




December 30, 1925
Oxford, Holbrook Community, Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA

 Marriage:at age 20 to Willa Dean Bonnell
Calvary Baptist Church, Charleston, West Virginia, USA
 Occupation:Superintendent of Distribution / Division Manager
at Equitable Gas Company, retired after 30 years
Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia, USA
 Death:February 21, 2000 at age 74
at his home - Good Hope, Harrison County, West Virginia, USA

 Burial:February 24, 2000
South Fork Cemetery, Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA




 When Bob was born:


Top News Headlines

  • Dec 7 - Biltmore Theater opens at 261 W. 47th Street, New York, NY.
  • Dec 12 - Arther Heinman coins the term "motel" (short for "motor hotel") opening the world's first motel -- the "Milestone Mo-tel" -- on this date.
  • Dec 15 - The first hockey game at Madison Square Gardens. Montriel Canadiens defeated the New York Americans 3-1 before a packed house of more than 17,000.

President - Calvin Coolidge
Vice President - Charles G. Dawes


 Top Songs for 1925 -- "Yes Sir! That's my Baby" by Gene Austin   "Sweet Georgia Brown" by Ben Bernie

Hot Toys /Games --  "Tootsietoys"


Average Costs throughout the US in 1925

  • Bread dropped to $..09 p/loaf
  • Milk dropped to about $0.56 p/gallon
  • Eggs increased to $.44 p/dozen
  • A Car would sell for $265
  • Gasoline cost $.22 p/gal
  • The median home value $7809
  • A US Postage Stamp was $0.02 each
  • The average income was $1125 p/year
  • DOW Avg: 107

Fun Facts, Interesting Tidbits & Puzzling Trivia




  • Bob's middle name was Roe, short for Monroe, after his grandfather, Isaac Monroe Spiker. For some unknown reason, it was never entered on his birth certificate. The error was not discovered until he enlisted in the Air Force.
  • He was a graduate of Pullman High School, Pullman, West Virginia, class of 1944 but was not present at the ceremony.  Instead, he was boarding a train headed to boot camp. He received his diploma in the mail.
  • Attended the West Virginia Institute of Technology in Montgomery, WV.
  • Veteran of World War II with the U.S. Army Air Corps.
  • Member of the Haleville Union Mission Church in Weston, WV at the time of his death.
  • Taught Sunday School for 37 years in the following churches:  Nutter Fort Baptist Church in Nutter Fort, WV; West Milford Baptist Church in West Milford, WV; Evangelical Congregational (E.C.) Church in Clarksburg, WV.
  • Willa Dean Spiker describes how she and Bob spent many of their weekends with family and friends. Included are a couple cute stories about Bob's sister, Jean.
  • Also in our Library is Dean's fascinating timeline from their first home to their last, titled Our Home on Bear Run.






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