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Full Name:

Bradford Zinn Spiker
 Known As:Brad 
 Date of Birth:April 29, 1908 
 Date of Death:January 20, 1996 
 Spouse:Alice Lucinda Williams 
 Father:Jacob Spiker 
 Mother:Lillie Missouri Gay Zinn 




April 29, 1908
Oxford, Holbrook Community, Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA
 Marriage:at age 34 to Alice Lucinda Williams on November 11, 1942
Nashville, Coffee, Tennessee, USA
 Death:January 20, 1996 at age 87
Sheppard Health Care Inc. of Ellenboro, West Virginia, USA
 Burial:January 23, 1996
South Fork Cemetery, Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA




 When Brad was born:


Top News Headlines


President - Theodore Roosevelt
Vice President - Charles W. Fairbanks


One of the Top Songs for 1908-- "She Sells Sea-Shells" by T. Sullivan
Some of the Hot Toys /Games -- "Tiddledy Winks"    "Teddy Bear"    "Crayola Crayons"


Average Costs throughout the US in 1908

  • Bread averaged $.05 p/loaf
  • Milk would run you about $0.32 p/gallon
  • A Car would sell for $500
  • The median home value dropped to $4500
  • A US Postage Stamp was $0.02 each
  • The average income was $915 p/year
  • DOW Avg: 86

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Submitted by Bobbi Spiker-Conley, daughter of Robert Spiker:

You probably know that Brad was a school teacher, but did you also know that one of his students was Robert Spiker?  That's right.  Brad's baby brother "suffered" under his brother's tutelage.  Both brothers confirmed to me that Bob was held to a higher standard than other students in order to avoid any appearance of preferential treatment. 

One day, after lamenting to Uncle Brad that Daddy was disappointed in a "C" I had received in hand-writing, Uncle Brad showed me some papers that greatly lifted my wounded spirits -- several of my father's own report cards.  Seems that Daddy wasn't the straight-A student I'd imagined him to be.

You can imagine how my father squirmed and how Uncle Brad grinned at my newly discovered ammunition against the battle of the report cards.  



Brad was one of the genealogists in our family.  He traced dates for our family tree and recorded information bout the community in which he lived.  Click this link to read his manuscript titled, "The Good-Will Community, A History of Holbrook, W.Va., 1814-1945".





  • Graduated from Salem College with a Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Obtained an MBA from West Virginia, USA University
  • 80th Infantry Division of Gen. George Patton's Third Army during WW II
  • Deacon of South Fork Baptist Church
  • Attended the First United Methodist Church in Pennsboro, West Virginia, USA





Bobbi Spiker Conley tells about the educational life lessons she learned from the "Spiker siblings" in her Library contribution, A Teacher Affects Eternity.

Also in our Library is a copy of a letter written to Bradford Spiker by his wife Alice around December 1944 when he was serving in the military.






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