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Full Name:

(Johann) Hans Michael Bush / Busch
 Known As:  
 Date of Birth:1697 
 Date of Death:July 29, 1749 
 Spouse:Eiffa Eva Plattner 



Daisbach, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
 Marriage:at age 25 to Eiffa Eva Plattner in 1720
Daisbach, Rein-Neckar-Kreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
 Death:at age 54 on July 29, 1749
Berks, Pennsylvania, USA





 Spouse: Eiffa Eva PlattnerBorn 1697 in Nassau, Deggendorf, Bayern, Germany
Died in 1775 at age 78 in either Virginia or Pennsylvania, USA


 Arrived in AmericaAmong the immigrants listed in the PA Archives, Series 2, Volume XVII, immigrants who landed from the "Ship Hope" from Rotterdam by way of Cowes, England, are Michael Buss, 36; Eiffa Buss, 36; Jerig Adam Buss, 13; Ludwich Buss, 11; Maria Margarita Buss, 9; Janis Buss, 7. In English, these names are Michael Bush, Eve or Eva Bush, George Adam Bush, Mary Margaret Bush and John Bush. (per Descendants of Michael Bush by Don Norman.)



The children of Hans Michael and Eva (Plattner) Bush:

George Jerick Adam Bush Sr. (1721-1817)
   m. Dorothea Katterman
   m. Susannah ---

Lewis John Ludwig (1723-1802)
   m. Eva Hyer

Mary Margaret or Maria Margareta (1724-unk)

John or Janis (1726-unk)

George "Michael" (1728-1777)
   m. Catherine ---

Anna Barbara (1730-1732)

Johann Adam (1733-unk)






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