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Full Name:

Missouri Gay Zinn
 Known As:Gay 
 Date of Birth:June 23, 1884 
 Date of Death:May 20, 1967 
 Spouse:Jacob Spiker 
 Father:Marion Bukey Zinn 
 Mother:Alice Bush 




June 23, 1884
Horn Creek, Gilmer County, West Virginia, USA
 Marriage:at age 22 to Jacob Spiker April 14, 1907
Bear Run, Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA
 Death:May 20, 1967 at age 82 
Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA
 Burial:May 22, 1967
South Fork Cemetery, Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA




 When Gay was born:


Top News Headlines


President - Chester A. Arthur
Vice President - None


One of the Top Songs for 1884 -- "Rock-a-Bye Baby"
Some of the Hot Toys /Games -- "Parcheesi"    "Snakes & Ladders"    "Cap Guns"


Average Costs throughout the US in 1884

  • Bread averaged $.02 p/loaf
  • Milk would run you about $0.16 p/gallon
  • The median home value was $5300
  • The average income was $515 p/year

Fun Facts, Interesting Tidbits & Puzzling Trivia


* Although her first name was "Missouri," everyone called her "Gay".  No-one questions this until Melanie Fouse began looking for grandmother's birth record.

In the birth record book located at she found Gay's name listed with three of her sisters on the same page. At first Melanie thought she had found an unknown sister that must have died early in life, because Gay was listed as "Lillie G. Zinn" with Marion Bukey and Alice as her parents. Then she noticed that Lillie had the same birthday as Gay! Where was the Missouri name?

Melanie then went back to the US Federal Census records to see again what name Gay was using. On the 1910 Fed Census, Gay is listed as "Missouria G.". Then in 1920, she is listed as "Gae M.".   Never is she listed as "Lillie Gay" except in the Record of Births. With no birth certificate and no social security card, she could call herself anything she liked.

Melanie did find a "Missouri Zinn" in Preston County on the 1860 Census. She was daughter of a George D. Zinn. Then we found a "Lillie G. Zinn" in Sinking Creek, Lewis County in 1920. She was the wife of Thomas C. Zinn. Perhaps our Gay knew one of these women but her names and how she got them remains a mystery to her descendants.

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