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Planting the Seeds

    Gay Spiker planted a seed of knowledge in her children by teaching them the names of every flower, shrub and tree on the Spiker farm.  Her son, Robert, propagated the knowledge in his own children, hoping the lessons would take root in their young minds.  Today, our generation strives to reap another kind of knowledge -- discovering the flowers and fruits of every branch in our family tree.

     Our children can be encouraged to take up the gardening tools as well.  Let's show them what genealogy tools to use and how to use them.  Help our garden grow and thrive for centuries to come.  After all, one day, it is our children that will be the gardeners of the Spiker Family Tree.

Derek Gifford on the tractor at Spiker Farm.


The Following Games & Activities Courtesy of:            

Create Your Own Family Tree

It's easy to create a family tree using our form just for kids.  Click this link to download the file (get your mom or dad's permission first!)  To fill out the tree, just click a box and type in the names & dates.  Don't worry if you can't fill in all the boxes; you can ask your parents or grandparents to help with the information you don't know.  Save your tree to your computer and print out a copy to display.

Genealogy Word Scramble

All these jumbled-up words relate to family history and relationships.  How many can you guess?  Click here for printable form.


Word Search:  Family History Records

In this puzzle we have hidden 12 types of records that genealogists often use to trace their family trees.  See if you can find them all.  Click here for printable form.


Word Search:  Heritage Groups

America is a melting pot of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Can you find the 15 most common heritage groups hidden in this puzzle?  Click here for printable form.



Other Genealogy Web Sites for Kids, Parents & Teachers

America's Story

The Library of Congress guides you through American history with fun facts about people, places and pastimes.  Here you can discover what Abraham Lincoln had in his pockets on the night he was assassinated.  Or you can read about other Amazing Americans such as Buffalo Bill Cody & his Wild West show, and the heroism of Harriet Tubman, who helped many slaves escape bondage. You can Jump Back in Time and find the settlers who landed on Plymouth Rock.  Or jump to a more recent age and read about be-bop, a type of music invented long before hip-hop.  It's an entertaining site that's fun to use.  And you'll probably even learn something from it. 

Boy Scouts of America Genealogy Merit Badge

Explore your roots -- where your family name came from, why your family lives where it does, what your parents and grandparents did for fun when they were your age -- and earn the Genealogy Badge.

Mayflower History

Author and historian Caleb Johnson introduces his website as "the Internet's most complete and accurate website dealing with the Mayflower passengers and the history of the Pilgrims and early Plymouth Colony."  This site contains tens of thousands of pages of material, much of it primary sources, some of it genealogical, and some of it well illustrated and meant for students and parents.

Port of Entry:  Immigration

Welcome!  On this journey you will assume the role of historical detective and search for clues to America's past in American Memory, the historical collections of the Library of Congress.  You will investigate photographs and eyewitness accounts of immigrant life in America.

Family Tree Scrapbooking

Fun and colorful scrapbooking pages.  Also included are several "interview" type pages that you can use to begin a dialog with older family members to record their memories.





The Paths Through our Garden

            Continue exploring our garden:

  The Spiker Family Tree -- See how deep our roots grow.
  Grow Healthy Trees -- The story behind our family's Medical Tree
  Heirloom Gardening - We're showing off some of our favorite family heirlooms.
  Planting the Seeds -- Getting the children involved in our family's history.
  Gardening Tools -- Just a few genealogy related tools and links we use to trace our lineage.