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Gay Spiker's Diary

Presented on these pages is the transcription of Gay Spiker's personal diary.  For best comprehension, readers are strongly encouraged to follow the contents -- IN ORDER -- as they are presented below.  To begin, simply click on the underlined page titled "Introduction".  Like turning the pages of a book, links directing you to each subsequent (and previous) page may be found at the bottom of your screen. 

Consider it may take a long while to read the journal (and our interpretive notes) from cover to cover.  You may want to "bookmark" the page where you leave off so that you can easily return at a later date.

Welcome to the view through Gay Spiker's window. 



Introduction Granddaughter Bobbi Spiker-Conley reveals the "secret" hidden among the pages of Gay's diary.
Description Divided into two categories: 

"The Book" -- A description of the publication used as Gay's diary, and

"The Contents" -- Important information regarding the diary content, timeline, miscellaneous notations, etc.
Legend Instructions for interpreting the diary transcription.  Using icons to differentiate between hand-written entries, inserted letters and pasted clippings.
Diary Pages A Inside Cover through Page 15
Diary Pages B Pages 16 through 25
Diary Page C Pages 26 through 45
Diary Page D Pages 46 through 95
Diary Page E Pages 96 through 155
Diary Page F Pages 156 through 205
Diary Page G Pages 206 through 225
Diary Page H Pages 226 through 265
Diary Page I Pages 266 through 336
Diary Pages J Pages 337 through 385
Diary Pages K Pages 386 through 395
Diary Pages L Page 396 through Back Cover