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The Legend - Understanding the Icons


 Gay Spiker's diary is filled with more than personally hand-written notes.  To aid you in distinguishing between the types of diary entries (and the transcriber's related notations,) please review the ICON descriptions below. 


 Card, letter, postcard, etc.  If available, additional information such as an address or postmark on the envelope may be noted in [brackets].
 Newspaper article, magazine or similar clipping.  The clipped article is presented first.  Whenever possible, the back of the article has also been transcribed for its possible historical relevance as a genealogical resource or simply to provide the reader with another look into the community and world climate of that time period.
 Hand-written entry.  Gay's handwriting is shown in italics.
 Transcriber's Notes.   Used to provide additional information on, or opinion about, a specific diary entry.  May also include website links (internal or external) directing the reader to related sources of documentation.  For example, a newspaper clipping that mentions a man named "Mr. Hull" may be followed by the transcriber's link to Mr. Hull's biography online.  (We neither have control over or responsibility for any external website, nor do we verify the accuracy of the sites' contents. Readers are advised to use caution when exiting our website.)  All notations that are NOT part of the diary are easily identified by this colored background.
 Transcriber's Digital Image.  Represents a diary item (card or hand-written entry, etc.) that has been scanned for viewing on these pages.  May also include additional notes from the transcriber, identified by this colored background.
(xxxxx) Indicates missing text.  Used when hand-written text is too faded, or when clippings are too badly damaged, to transcribe in their entirety.
PAGE Diary page numbers.  The journal contains 448 pages, excluding the front and back covers.  Because not every diary page contained an entry, you will encounter "missing" page numbers throughout this transcription.