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I - Diary Pages 266 through 336


PAGE 266

Today my heart is heavy,
My thoughts are all of thee.
Oh, how I miss you, mother dear,
None but God in Heaven can see.
Some say time heals an aching heart.
But no, it isn’t true.
For eight long years have passed, dear.
And our hearts still ache for you. 

Eva, Golds, Dorsey, Glenn, 

PAGE 267

God saw the road was getting rough,
The hills were hard to climb;
He gently closed his loving eyes,
And whispered “Peace be Thine.”
I who loved you, sadly miss you,
I who held you very dear;
And in lonely hours of thinking,
Often feel your presence near.
Tho God has taken you away,
You are with me every day.

PAGE 272


Homespun episodes are salted academic wisdom and spiced with dry yanky wit. 

PAGE 273

May we allways possess the gift of friendship The personal philosophy which brings a rich harvest.

PAGE 275

Mother got us a book when I was a very small girl had pictures rhymes A.B.C. ect had this rhyme and pictured rhyme old woman and pedler.  We droped book down through stairs and I know we all grieved because we couldn’t get it.  Mother usto spin and sing these verses.

Their was a little woman
As Ive heard tell
Fol-lol, Did-dle Did- Dle Dol-

She went to market her eggs to sell
Fol-lol Did-dle Did-dle Dol
She went to market all on a market day
She fell asleep on the Kings Highway
Fol lol Did-dle Dol 

Along came a peddler
And his name was Stout,
Fol-lol Did dle Diddle Dol
He cut her petticoats all round about
Fol-lol, Did-dle, Did-dle Dol
He cut her petticoats up to her knees
Left the little woman all about to freeze
Fol-de Rol de lol lol lol lol
Fol-de Did-dle Did-dle-Dol 

Henderson Stout lived on our place at that time and I pictured him as peddler with big scissors cutting the womens shorts.



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PAGE 312

Dated Jan. 17, 1921 

Mr. Verlyn Spiker. 

My Dear Nephew. 

As I was writing some letters this eve, thought I would write and tell your and our birthday would be the 19th was afraid you would forget it. 

Hope you all are well and getting along good at school. 

We are all well except colds, Oaf birthday was 12.  he is just one week older than we are, don’t know wheather he feels older or not. 

I have not heard from any of you since xmas, and am getting anxious for some news so you had better get buisy 

Oaf is reading Mrs. Bennett is sitting here patting her foot.  And I am trying to write some.  Wish you was here to play with me. 

Write me when you get time 

Your Aunt Coe.


The hand-written letter above was tucked into this birthday card.  Text on card and envelope appear below image. 


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Envelope postmarked Jan 17, 1935 -Vienna and Jan 18, 1935 - Oxford;  addressed to:

Mr Verlyn. Spiker.

Card reads:


A Happy Birthday Specially Meant! 


A birthday that’s happy,
A birthday that’s bright,
A birthday that’s cheery
From morning till night;
A birthday that’s laden
With hours glad and gay,
And then “Many Happy
Returns of the Day!” 


Aunt Coe


Willa Dean Spiker provided the following background in reference to the script above.

"Aunt Coe" is Alco Blanch Zinn Bennett, sister of Gay Spiker.  She was married to Reverend Ofa Bennett (whose birthday was January 12, 1883).  They lived in Vienna.  Coe and Ofa never had any children.

"Mrs. Bennett" is Ofa's mother, Mary.


Melanie Fouse shares with us:

I made (a scrapbook page) using a photo of a 1920 baptizing in the river in front of the farm.  Although you can't see the house, the back (of the photo) states the date, the place and that OFA doing the baptizing. 

[To view this scrapbook page, simply open the Spiker Family Gathering Place Photo Album., select HISTORIC photos, then click on the image titled "Ofa Bennett".  Clicking the image a second time will allow you to view a full size image.] 


PAGE 322

To my 3 Sons 

When you were small, “My Sons,” I dreamed of you all as strong and tall.  Now that you’re tall Dear ones I dream of you when Small. 

PAGE 323

Children never forget that you have a compass in your heart and it will always point to the right direction. 

Gay Mother

PAGE 324

December 8th 1948 

Only Dr trips to me at Child Birth.  Yes it happened to me after 26 yrs with never a trip to a Dr until December 8 th.  I had been having Blind spells since 1915 when excited or troubled.  Some spells would last 4 hrs, some less I would go to my room and rest and I told no one.  But Dec. I had such severe attacks I thought for childrens sake I would see a Dr. Never before had I appeared before a Dr and bow before the quiet dignity of a Dr or behold on his stern face a glimpse of pity or see on his brow the mark of slipping years or gaze on the wonderful art of the Dr as he applied the Blood test and informed me in a stern way that it was not what I had done but what I was going to hafto do in the future if I was here to 3 score years.  In my way I am trying to remember I vers I read a no years ago.   No life is so hard that you cant make it easier by the way you take it. 


PAGE 326

Inspired by reading sec’ Cor 1-9 

I know 3 things must always be
To keep a nation strong an free
1 is a hearth stove bright and dear
With busy happy loved ones near
1 is a ready heart and hand to
Love and serve ones native land
1 is a worn and beaten trail way to where
the people go to pray. 

So long as these are kept alive
Nation and people will survive
God keep them always everywhere
The home The Flag The place
of prayer. 

June 14th 1938 


PAGE 327


Make our fleeting life rich in usefulness, eager yet unhurried on high tasks intent, dauntless in loyalty, vision-led and love-anointed.  Til dusk enwraps and death hangs his sickle at our garden gate.  When the day is done sometime, somewhere, at thy bequest give us to see what here is dim, and by the grace to render a higher service in a clearer light.  Amen.

PAGE 328

Nov. 29, 1941 

That I may not in Blindness grope
But that I may with vision clear
Know when to speak a word of hope
Or add a little wholesome cheer. 

That tempered winds may softly blow
Where little children thinly clad
Sit dreaming when the flame is low
Of comforts they have never had. 

That through the year which lies ahead
No heart shall ache no cheek be wet
For any word that I have said
Or profit I have tried to get. 

Mother of 7


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PAGE 334

What do I know about heaven.  3 Things I do know.  First, I know of whom I have believed.  Second, I go to prepare a place for you.  Third, I shall be satisfied. 

I think of death as some delightful journey that I shall take when all my tasks are done.  Through life has given me a heaping measure of all the best gifts, and many a cup of pleasure, still better things await me farther on.  April 19 Mothers Birthday, makes me think of Della was buried yesterday, April 18, 1950.  Do not forget that even as to work is to worship, to be cheery is to worship also.  And to be happy is the first step toward being pious.  Della worshiped as she worked.