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Title:       Big White Grubs  
Author:  Geneva Spiker-Haught 
Date:       1942

Note:  This story was pulled from a letter written by Aunt Jean to her then fiancé, Ed Haught, in 1942 while he was stationed in Camp Forest, Tennessee during World War II.


Bob and I had a bet about these big white grubs.  I was out front this morning and saw one crawling across the walk.  This yard is full of them – adults are June bugs.  Anyway, I noticed that they crawled on their backs. I told mother and she said she knew it and had seen them crawling that way.  It was a strange sight to me to see the grubs scooting along on their backs with their feet in the air.  This evening I told dad and he just laughed at me and said, “I have seen grubs for years, fished with them and plowed them up by the hundreds and I never saw one crawl on his back.” Bob just hooted and commented, “I’ll eat one if he crawls on his back.”  Mother got so interested in the argument she found a grub and placed it on the walk.  Dad and Bob could hardly believe their eyes.  Now Bob is busy eating grubs to pay his indebtedness.