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Title:       Elderberries - an Old Spiker Family Remedy
Author:  Rochelle D. Spiker 
Date:       August 13, 2020

(Editor's note: Rochelle submitted this to us in response to our article about the 1918-1919 "Spanish Flu" - read it here. Her grandfather, Creed O. Spiker, is our 1st cousin 2x removed.)


     I have an old Spiker remedy I want to share with you to prevent the flu — Elderberries and especially Elderberry wine.

     My grandfather, Creed O. Spiker, kept his own elderberry bush in back of his house in Grafton, W.Va. During WWI, although he was serving in France in the midst of the Spanish flu, he never took ill, nor did anyone in the family in Grafton.

     It turns out that elderberries are native to Europe and were brought over to America by our Amish ancestors. The Amish are known to have their own elderberry orchards, and it is made into jams, jellies, and wine. Elderberries were believed to have medicinal properties then, and scientific studies now indicate that it does indeed have anti-vial properties.

     My brother and I eat two elderberry gummies a day as a preventative for the COVID-19. We fondly think often of our grandparents and the trials and tribulations they lived through.