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CEMETERIES - Spiker Family Ancestors

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Aberdeen Cemetery (aka Wolf Graveyard) 
     Berlin, Lewis County, WV
 (see "Wolf Graveyard," below)

Bradford Family Farm Cemetery
     Whiteley Township, Greene County, PA
 BRADFORD, Jacob Sr.* 1801-1861
BRADFORD, James* 1753-1822
LEMLEY, Charlotte* 1805-1862
YOHO, Barbara* 1765-1816
Burnt Meeting House Cemetery
     Harmony Grove, Monongalia County, WV
 VAN CAMP, Isaac* 1749-1833
WORTHINGTON, Mary* 1757-1837
Bush Cemetery
     Horner, Lewis County, WV
 BUSH, George Adam* 1820-1902
WOLFE, Mary Mollie* 1782-1831
Drake Cemetery 
     Washburn, Ritchie County, WV
 VAN CAMP, Hannah* 1791-1856

E.U.B. Cemetery of Pennsboro
     Pennsboro, Ritchie County, WV
 DOWNS, Catharine* 1832-1912
SPIKER, David* 1823-1877
Harrisville IOOF Cemetery
     Harrisville, Ritchie County, WV
 STOUT, Genevieve 1825-2009
SUMMERS, Hayward P 1909-1988
Horn Creek Baptist Cemetery
     Coxs Mills, Gilmer County, WV
 BUSH, Alice* 1851-1927
ZINN, Marion Bukey* 1846-1927
Indian Creek Baptist Cemetery
     Washburn, Ritchie County, WV
 BRADFORD, Catherine Davis* 1858-1919
BRADFORD, Jacob Jr.* 1834-1864 (stone only)
SPIKER, Isaac Monroe* 1859-1919
Masonic Memorial Park
     West Union, Doddridge County, WV
 MAXSON, Adelene Marjorie 1923-2012
SPIKER, Jacob Verlynne 1913-1995
Mount Olive Old School Baptist Church Cemetery
     (aka Old Quaker Cemetery)
     Philippi, Barbour County, WV
 SAYLOR, Mary Ann* 1749-1829
ZINN, George* 1749-1826
Muddy Creek Cemetery
     Denver, Lancaster County, PA
 ZINN, Jacob* (abt) 1720-1791

Old Quaker Cemetery
     (aka Mount Olive Old School Baptist Church Cemetery)
     Philippi, Barbour County, WV
 (see "Mt. Olive Old School Baptist," above)

Oxford Baptist Church Cemetery
     Oxford, Doddridge County, WV
 GANDY, Ruth* 1785-1865
WILSON, Lucy Ann* 1825-1880
ZINN, John W.* 1778-1848
ZINN, Quilly Manley* 1814-1867
Pine Hill Cemetery
     Ripley, Jackson County, WV
 DAVIS, Nancy* 1837-1915

Pullman Church Cemetery
     Pullman, Ritchie County, WV
 WINES, Delane 1933-2016

Sinking Creek Cemetery
     (aka Union Baptist Church Cemetery)
Gilmer County, WV
 BUSH, George Farley* 1820-1904
SPRINGSTON, Joana Goff* 1820-1902
Smyrna Church Cemetery
     Pike County, MO
 DAVIS, Jonathan* 1793-1860
LEWMAN, Rebecah* 1792-1877
South Fork Baptist Church Cemetery
     Oxford, Doddridge County, WV
 BONNELL, Willa Dean 1928-2012
HAUGHT, Edward Marshall 1911-1969
LOUNSBERY, Francena M 1919-2010
MILLER, Paul Ausborn 1917-2015
SPIKER, Bradford Zinn 1908-1996
SPIKER, Catherine Gay 1919-1964
SPIKER, Dorothy Alice 1914-1953
SPIKER, Geneva Dera 1909-2006
SPIKER, Jacob* 1881-1956
SPIKER, Marjory Fay 1911-1963
SPIKER, Robert Roe 1925-2000
WILLIAMS, Alice Lucinda 1916-2011
ZINN, Missouri Gay* 1884-1967
Wolf Graveyard (aka Aberdeen Cemetery) - see above
     Berlin, Lewis County, WV
 STRALEY, Anna* 1750-1822
WOLFE, Jacob* 1755-1823
Woodford Cemetery
     Gilmer County, WV
 GOFF, Luda* 1784-1835
SPRINGSTON, Jacob* 1772-1841
All Other Burial Locations (Other / None / Unknown) BRADFORD, Robert* 1730-1802
BUSH, George Michael* 1728-1777
BUSH, Hans Michael* 1697-1749
CARRICO, Monacah* (abt) 1762-1815
COMBS, Rachel* (abt) 1752-1830
GANDY, Samuel E* 1745-1828
GOFF, John Turton* 1738-1803
KEIM, Barbary* 1749-1808
LAMBERT, Elizabeth* (abt) 1754-1802
LEMLEY, Jacob* 1765-1834
MORRIS, Sarah* 1771-1863
PLATTNER, Eiffa Eva* 1697-1775
SPIKER, John* (abt)1770-1836
SPIKER/SPEICHER, Jacob* 1745-1830
SPIKER/SPEICHER, Ulrich* (abt) 1710-1785
SPRINGSTON, Jacob Sr.* 1728-unk
WEIBEL, Mary Maria* 1706-1762
WILSON, Thomas Smallwood* 1784-1849

 * indicates direct ancestor



Ritchie County WV Cemetery Index A list from the book Ritchie County West Virginia Cemeteries - Through 1993 from the Ritchie County Historical Society. Links to cemeteries from the WVGenWeb's "Virtual Cemetery Project" (as of 2002) are highlighted.