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Horn Creek Baptist Cemetery


Date this entry was completed:Mar 2018 -- by Bobbi Conley w/info provided by Nancy Allman
Previous or alternate names:Horn Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Baptist Cemetery
Location:Gilmer County, West Virginia, USA
Address or vicinity:Rt. 47 West, Coxs Mills, WV
Year established:Organized - 17 Mar 1882
Dedicated - 30 Apr 1899
GPS coordinates: 39.06057, -80.86335
Contact person/organization:Pastor Joe Sealey, 304-462-7895
Driving directions:Rt. 47, just west of Coxs Mills, up the hill



"The lumber for the Horn Creek Baptist Church was cut and sawed from Marion Bukey Zinn's farm on Sugar Camp Road, near Coxs Mills, Gilmer County, WV," said Nancy (Stewart) Allman. "The leftover lumber was then used to build Henry and Tensie Fay (Zinn) Allman's home. My husband, Arden, is their grandson. We now live in that house.

"No-one around has any info about the church. My mother-in-law, Nellie (Erwin) Allman had the original records. Someone asked to borrow them and they were never returned. But I do have in my records that Carr Bailey Bush (son of George Farley & Joanna Goff Springston Bush) helped build it. The Bush Reunion was held at the church for years."

Fortunately, Nancy had a copy of the following notes that had been recorded by Carr Bush's son, Elmer Bush (1894-1973.) 

The Church

The Horn Creek Baptist Church was organized at a log school house on Bush family land on Sinking Creek, March 18, 1882.

The land for the present church site was purchased off Granville Jeffries.

The lumber came from Marion Bukey Zinn's farm on Lynn Fork [aka, Sugar Camp.] It was kiln dried by the sons of Carr Bailey Bush, who lived on Horn Creek above Coxs Mills at that time.

Pierce Williams from Auburn was the carpenter.

Marion Bukey Zinn did the stone mason work for the foundations and he made all of the church seats.

The church building was dedicated April 30, 1899.

When the roof had to be replaced, Elmer Bush, Simon Bush, Henry I Allman, and J. Marion Allman did the work.

The Cemetery

The land for the cemetery was purchased from the Granville Jeffries family with the provision that members of their family could be buried there.

Rev. George J. Brake was the first person buried in the cemetery.


Additional information and photos have been published in our March 2018 edition of the Spiker Gazette.


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Potter's Field
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 Moderate - Mostly smooth; dirt paths; some unevenness; with rocks and ruts; some overgrowth; < 2-mile hike.
 Moderately Difficult - Mostly uneven surfaces; rocks and ruts; overgrowth; some steep elevations; ? 2-mile hike.
 Difficult - Long, rocky segments; loose rock; heavy overgrowth; steep elevations; may be several miles.
 Extremely Difficult - Requires specialized equipment to access, such as boat, 4WD, brush-cutting tools, etc.; may be several miles.


BUSH, Alice* 1851-1927great-grandmother
w/o Marion Bukey Zinn
d/o George Farley & Joanna Goff (Springston) Bush

Photo credit" "Rod" at Find a Grave
ZINN, Marion Bukey* 1846-1927great-grandfather
h/o Alice (Bush) Zinn
s/o Quilly Manley & Lucy Ann (Wilson) Zinn

Photo credit: "TMCK" at Find A Grave


* indicates direct ancestor


NOTE: This cemetery page currently lists only direct line ancestors. The names of other relatives buried in this cemetery will be added soon.