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The General Store

     When Robert Spiker was courting Willa Dean Bonnell, he frequently walked to her family's home in nearby Berea. Dean's parents, Ray and Elsie (Maxson) Bonnell, owned the general store next door. 

     Typical for the times, dusty wooden flooring supported glass-front showcases, long counters, floor-to-ceiling shelves, and numerous bins and barrels displaying a little of everything for sale from foodstuffs to medicines, tobacco, batteries, and even fabric and sewing notions. A self-serve soda pop cooler and a freezer of hand-dipped ice cream were centered in the room. The post office was tucked into the corner at the rear of the store, and the filling station was just across the street. Positioned on the main highway in the center of town, the Ray Bonnell Store provided easily-accessible, one-stop shopping to the community of Berea, West Virginia for many years.

     These days much of our shopping -- and our selling -- is done online. In keeping with the "easily-accessible, one-stop shopping" theme, we've decided to showcase a variety of family-related products here.

     Our virtual "inventory" consists of items that family members have personally designed, written, crafted, etc. We complement that with products or services that reference our family and the communities in which they live(d). And finally, we toss in a few genealogy-related elements to balance everything out. 

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        In some cases, a purchase can only be made directly with the family member (the seller) whose contact information will be provided upon request. We do not receive any compensation for this type of sale.

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Framed Photo Prints (by our Cousin)

     DIRECT PURCHASE - To order, please contact photographer Sarah Spiker Smith at [email protected] for pricing, sizes and options. Please specify Item number(s). 

Spiker Farm
Item #SSSPF1

Spiker Farm

Spiker Farm

South Fork Church
Item #SSSCP1

String Art (by our Cousin)

About the Designer:  Kari Duda started a small business in April 2015 making string art wood signs. Her artwork is displayed on Facebook and EtsyLink. She accepts cash, checks and PayPal. Custom orders are welcome. Please contact her at [email protected] with questions or to place an order. 

Vintage-Style Decor & WV Wearables (by our Cousin)

Missy Spangler Stotts' creative talents are on display on her Facebook page, Crafting N' Scrapping



Children's Books (by our cousins)

     About the Author -- Award-winning author Melinda Spiker Chambers earned her BS from West Virginia University and her MS from Ohio State University. She is a retired educator who currently volunteers her time as a Sunday School teacher, creative writing teacher, 4-H volunteer, counselor and mentor.

     About the Illustrator -- Award-winning illustrator Sue Ann Maxwell Spiker graduated from Glenville State College in the field of art. She is known for her life-like watercolor painting.  Sue Ann and her family own and operate the Sunny Pointe Guest House in Jane Lew, WV. She is active with her church and community. 

Pictured L to R: Sue Ann Maxwell Spiker & Melinda Spiker Chambers

Personal Memoir (by our uncle)

     About the Author -- Beginning in rural West Virginia and encompassing an academic career of some 75 years, Paul Miller served as president of two major universities, provost of a third, Director of the Michigan Cooperative Extension Service, and was the first assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of Education and Welfare, among others.

Pictured:  Paul A. Miller

Local History 



(Volume I)  Murder, mayhem and melodrama in rural West Virginia!

Traditional history has painted early Ritchie County as a peaceful place, populated by industrious, prosperous citizens. In compiling newspaper articles from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, however, editor John M. Jackson shows that the county in its first decades was livelier-- and deadlier -- than previously portrayed.  Pick up your copy of Ritchie County Crimes & Calamities: Reports from the Local, State and National Press, 1847-1992.


(Volume II) More tales of murders, misdeeds, maladies, and mishaps!

Drawing on sources not accessible during the original compilation (2011) this second volume uncovers even more of our shared but forgotten past. Like the first, this second volume is exhaustively researched and annotated, and it will provide helpful to anybody interested in the history of the county. Aficionados of West Virginia history, true crime stories, or the Civil War Era will also find this compilation an engaging read. Pick up your copy of Ritchie County Crimes & Calamities II: More Reports from the Local, State and National Press, 1847-1922



Photo & Document Scanners

     There are many types of photo and document scanners on the market. Each does one or two things really well; none does everything equally well. Therefore, the "best" scanners are the ones that meet YOUR needs. Do you prefer something small and mobile? Do you require an automatic feeder to conquer stacks of loose documents?  Do you need the ability to create searchable PDFs or to stitch together multiple images?



 Flatbed scannersingle-page, fragile documents 
 Portable scannerscanning projects when on the go 
 Wand scannerscanning patterns or designs such as wallpaper, quilts, etc. 
 Automatic sheet scannerquickly auto-scanning multiple, loose documents or photos 
 Overhead book scannerbound books, large maps, etc. 
 Converter scannerconverting film negatives and slides 
 Specialty scannereceipts, business cards, etc. using OCR technology 

DNA Genetic Testing

     With more than 5 million people in their database, AncestryDNA combines science with the world's largest online family history resource to predict your genetic ethnicity and provide relative matches to help you find new family connections.

     Two other seemingly popular companies, 23andMe and MyHeritage, offer different versions of testing that are not related to Ancestry's database. I have not used them so I am unable to provide any recommendations. I'd encourage you to read the reviews before making a purchase.





To suggest items for display in our store, please send details to Bobbi Spiker-Conley.