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The Spiker Family Gazette

     Oxford, WVVolume 15       Issue 5May 2021       
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    Reading like a newspaper Society Section, Jake and Gay's letters provided newsy tidbits about local courtships, breakups, and marriages. And when they were done talking, it seems that everyone else started talking...about Jake and Gay's relationship. 

     This month features Courtships and Marriages, and Rumors and Gossip. 

     All that talk is enough to make Jake threaten, "Some of those good people over there are going to keep on until they get my Irish up. And when it is up, it is not so easy to get down as you would think."   

     Bobbi Spiker-Conley
     Editor - The Spiker Family Gazette


ICYMI -- Recently Published Issues

     October 2020 - American Flag is installed at the South Fork Church Cemetery.

     November 2020A shoebox stuffed with letters and cards addressed to our grandparents, Jake Spiker and Gay Zinn is opened and the contents revealed. Follow along as we open their "Courting Letters" from 1905 through 1907.

     December 2020 - Gay sends first Christmas Greeting Card to her sweetheart, Jake Spiker.

     January 2021 - Gay and Jake begin writing almost daily letters to one another. Gay "quits" her other beaus.

     February 2021 - The valentines Jake and Gay sent to one another were not what we expected. See pics.

     March 2021 - Untangling the numerous hidden messages in the courting letters. Also - announcing plans for the 2021 Spiker Family Reunion.

     April 2021 - The Secrets of Courthouse Cave in Harrisville, WV