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June 2007  An Apple a Day (From the Spiker Family Tree) Keeps the Doctor Away???
  • Introduction to our new family website, the Spiker Gazette & the Gazette staff.
July 2007  Family Records Tombstone Etchings
  • Dean Spiker, Cathy Gregis & Melanie Fouse went "grave hunting" to record the location of family graves.
  • Chris & Renee Chambers had a baby girl, Ella Brooke, on June 13th.
  • Keri Gregis Hurst & family moved to their new home in Oxford.
  • Haley Conley wins award for her fiction writing published in FGCU's student-edited literary & arts magazine.
August 2007  It's no Bull -- John Bob Spiker Risks Life & Limb
  • Details of the First Annual Championship Bull Riders event on the John Spiker Farm in Jane Lew, WV.
September 2007  A Family Birthday Celebration for Paul Miller's 90th
  • Week-long celebration in the beautiful Rocky Mountains to celebrate Paul Miller's 90th birthday.
  • Melanie Fouse shares a touching sibling love story about her grandchildren.
  • Larry & Cathy Gregis took a trip to New York. Cathy shares the highlights.
  • Central Florida is the "lightning capital of the U.S." -- the Conley's felt the power when it struct at their home.
October 2007  Melinda Spiker Chambers' Journey from Inspired Writer to Published Author
  • Our interview with Melinda Spiker Chambers about the children's books she has authored.
  • What do you get when a mother of three children marries a father of three children? The "Curry Bunch," of course. Meet mother Shelly (Gregis,) father Rob & their six energetic children on the Curry Farm.
  • Yvonne Haines submits a story about her grandfather's (Felix Brigham Wood Zinn) life in WV.
November 2007  Sunny Pointe Guesthouse, a Quiet, Peaceful Farm of Hospitality
  • Introduction to the Sunny Pointe Guest House owned by John & Sue Spiker. Includes link to their new website.
December 2007  History of the Spiker Farm from 1768 to Present
  • Mike Spiker submits an excerpt from his publication "Spiker / Zinn Farm History."
January 2008  2007 - A Year in Review
  • A review of the year's family events.
February 2008  Searching for Peace
  • Paul Miller discusses his involvement in the Faith and Education Collaborative.
  • Evan & Jennifer Thrush have a son, Liam.
  • Dean Spiker's annual winter vacation in Florida at the Conley's home is shortened.
March 2008  Taxing the Brain
  • A look at our ancestors and the tax man.
April 2008  Watching our Garden Grow
  • Editors of the Gazette will be canvassing for stories at the family reunion next month.
  • Haley Conley graduates with honors from Florida Gulf Coast University.
May 2008  The Ritchie County Flood of 1950
  • Newspaper article remembering the "Flood of 1950."
  • Evan Thrush accepts new position with John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland.
  • Ryan Thrush completes further law enforcement training in his job as park ranger for the National Park Services.
  • Updates about Shelly Curry's sons, Clayton & Robbie's, involvement in high school sports.
June 2008  Family Garden at the Spiker Family Farm - The 2008 Reunion
  • Highlights of the 2008 Spiker Family Reunion.
July 2008  Generations of Understanding
  • Editor requests copies of old family letters.
August 2008  Celebrating Dean Spiker's 80th Birthday
  • Surprise party for Willa Dean Spiker's 80th birthday
  • Editor requests documentation of the Spiker men in the military.
September 2008  The Mother of Seven and Two -- Lillie Missouri Gay Spiker's Personal Diary
  • Introduction to Gay Spiker's personal diary.
October 2008  Alison Spiker Goes to Guatamala
  • Highlights of Alison Spiker's mission trip to Guatamala.
  • Responses were received about Gay Spiker's diary.
November 2008  A Neighbor, Mary Lucille DeBerry, Drops by the Farm
  • Mary Lucille DeBerry reminisces about how important education has been to the families living near the Spiker farm.
December 2008  No News is Good News
  • No news to share - just wishes for the Happiest of Holidays and all the best in the New Year.
January 2009  All Around the House at the Spiker Family Gathering Place
  • Navigating our website is like going from room to room at the Spiker farm. Here's how it works.
  • Rachel Fouse delivers fourth child, Caden Scott, on December 9.
February 2009  Questions are the Wrapping Paper, Answers are the Gift
  • Exploring the connections of Bradford Spiker's manuscript, "The Good-Will Community," with Barr Wilson, John M. DeBrular, Port DeBrular, Geneva Haught, Gay Spiker, Orville & Gerry Bonnell, Mary Grace Maxwell, Ed Haught, and Sue Ann Maxwell Spiker.
March 2009  All in the Family Name
  • Our family's efforts to record some of the Spiker names in our history are sometimes hindered by conflicting "sources."
  • John Bob Spiker was selected to fight the Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association Finals & is elected "Bullfighter of the Year."
  • Chris & Jenny Nolan have a little girl, Alexis.
April 2009  Spiker Family Auction Supports South Fork Cemetery
  • Reunion schedule is announced. Requests made for auction items to benefit the South Fork Cemetery.
  • Evan & Jen Thrush welcome son, Logan Paul, on March 27.
May 2009  Family Reunion Schedule of Events
  • Bobbi Conley looks forward to attending the family reunion for the first time in years.
  • Reunion schedule is confirmed.
  • Shawn Gifford & Rikki had a son, Alexander Douglas, born on May 11.
  • Black bear spotted at the farm (from where Bear Run gets its name.)
June 2009  Family Gathers at the Spiker Family Farm - The 2009 Reunion
  • Highlights of the 2009 Spiker Family Reunion
  • List of the attendees at the 2009 reunion.
July 2009  Third Annual Championship Bull Riding at John & Sue Spiker's Farm
  • Announcing the Third Annual Championship Bull Riding at John & Sue Spiker's farm.
  • John Bob & Lisa Spiker welcome their third daughter.
  • Angela & Rob Benson welcome son, Blake Alan, on July 11.
August 2009  Spikers Host Bull Riding Event / Spiker Buggy Makes its Debut
  • Recap of the Bull Riding event at John & Sue Spiker's farm.
  • First peek at the restored Spiker buggy.
September 2009  Family Wills & Estate Auctions
  • Review of Quilly Manley Zinn's Will & the Estate Sale of John Zinn.
October 2009  Spiker Buggy Comes to Life
  • The Spiker Buggy has been restored to it former glory. Photos included.
November 2009  South Fork Baptist Church - Rules of Decorum
  • Examining hot the South Fork Church's "Rules of Decorum" may have shaped some of Bob Spiker's expectations for his children's behavior in church.
  • Obituary of Genevieve "Jenny" Stout Summers.
December 2009  Christmas at the Spiker Farm
  • An interview with twins Boots & Ann about what Christmas was like when growing up at the Spiker farm.
January 2010  An Ocean Apart - Letter from Alice to Brad, Christmas 1944
  • The love letter Alice Spiker sent to husband Brad has a very special place in the hearts & homes of their descendants.
February 2010  "Fraidy Cat" Wins Mom's Choice Award
  • Children's book written by Melinda Spiker Chambers & illustrated by Sue Ann Maxwell Spiker wins Mom's Choice Award.
March 2010  The Alphabet Name Game
  • Census reveals Burns Harlan's slightly unusual way of naming his children.
April 2010  Getting Ready for the Spiker Family Reunion
  • Preparing for the 2010 Reunion.
  • Pete Deremer will graduate from WVU College of Engineering and Mineral Resources next month.
May 2010  Reunion Schedule of Events
  • Sarah Smith reminds everyone to look through boxes of letters and post cards from the Spiker family that she dropped off at the farm.
June 2010  Family Gathers at the Spiker Family Farm - The 2010 Reunion
  • Highlights of the 2010 Spiker Family Reunion.
  • Melanie Fouse distributes bookmarks she designed by incorporating pictures taken at the Spiker farm.
  • Introduction to Guy Zinn's professional baseball cards.
July 2010  Remembering Francena Miller
  • In Loving Memory of Francena Miller 1919-2010
August 2010  Fourth Annual Championship Bull Ride at John & Sue Spiker's Farm
  • Recap of the Bull Riding event at John & Sue Spiker's farm.
  • A bull named Super House, calved by John Bob Spiker, had his first out in the PBR Ford Tough Series and is still unridden.
  • Robby Currey III elected to WV State FFA Secretary Office.
September 2010  My Husband's (Ryan Nolan) Life as a National Park Ranger
  • Barbara Thrush shares her thoughts & family photos about her husband Ryan's career as a National Park Ranger.
October 2010  Breaking through the Brick Wall
  • Requests for sources about David Spiker & his father that will help us positively identify the family connection.
November 2010  Friends are a Wonderful Thing
  • Wayne Struzik shares his adventures of meeting up with an old military buddy that he hadn't seen in 50 years.
  • YouTube videos of Appalachia base player, Chris Chambers, and of Bullfighter, John Bob Spiker.
December 2010  Happy Holidays
  • No news to share - just wishes for the Happiest of Holidays and all the best in the New Year.
January 2011  New Year Resolutions for the Spiker Family
  • Resolve to scan, document, organize and share all those family photos you've been saving.
February 2011  The Spiker Family History Interview
  • Why it's so important to talk to our families before they leave us. Includes easy ways to interview them.
March 2011  Growing Healthy Family Trees
  • It's important to document our family's living history, but it is even more important to be aware of our family's medical history.
  • Brad Stotts became a father in February to daughter Kista.
April 2011  Author Melinda Chambers is Interviewed on Lifetime Channel
  • Melinda Spiker Chambers tells what it was like to be interviewed on "The Balancing Act," a nationally televised weekday show on Lifetime Television.
May 2011  Spiker Reunion Schedule Announced for May 2011
  • Schedule announced for 2011 Spiker Reunion.
June 2011  Spiker Auction Sets Record in 2011
  • Haley Conley's cross-stitched wall hanging sets Auction record for an individual item of $550.
    Highlights of the 2011 Spiker Family Reunion.
  • Alice Spiker passed away on May 25 at age 94.
July 2011  The Buzz Around Town
  • Lisa "Kate" Spiker sets up a website detailing the goings-on at John and Sue Spiker's farm in Jane Lew, WV.
  • Christ Chambers' bluegrass band, Appalachia, is also busy updating their website.
  • Jonelle Swiger reserves spot for use as a Farmer's Market.
  • Haley Conley & Pat Cloughessy became engaged on July 1.
  • Robby Currey III completed first year as a WV State FFA Secretary & runs for National FFA office.
August 2011  The Descendants of Isaac Monroe Spiker & Catherine Bradford Spiker
  • Introduction to the descendants of Isaac Monroe & Catherine Bradford Spiker, including photos & memorials.
  • Jonelle Spiker Swiger wins Grand Prize in WV Living Magazine's second annual photo contest.
  • Surprise party for Ryan Thrush's 40th birthday.
September 2011  Always Carry Cash in the Country
  • Marty Spiker tells us about the good, and the not so good, times daughter Alison Morris & her husband had while staying a spell at the Spiker farmhouse.
October 2011  Black Sheep in the Family Tree
  • An excerpt from "Ritchie County Crimes & Calamaties" tells the tale of counterfeiters William and Emmanual Alkire (in our family tree by marriage.)
  • John Bob & Kate Spiker welcome fourth daughter, Katelyn Fay.
November 2011  A Southern Sympathizer?
  • Brad Spiker's manuscript "Good-Will Community" hints that George Farley Bush was a Southern sympathizer.
December 2011  Newspaper Delivery Changes
  • No news to share - just wishes for the Happiest of Holidays and all the best in the New Year.
January - March 2012  Announcing Release of the 1940 Census
  • The US government releases the census to the public exactly 72 years after it was taken. Announcing the release of the 1940 census.
  • Cathy & Larry Gregis take an extended vacation to Florida & share emails of their adventure.
April - June 2012  The 6th Annual Bull Ride / Spiker Family Reunion
  • The 6th Annual Bull Ride moves to June.
  • Adelene Spiker passed away in Mar.
  • Sarah Smith sells framed & matted photos of her photography of the Spiker Farm.
  • Zach Gifford becomes a father in April to daughter Hailey Jade.
  • Article with Del Monte's Chris Struzik appears in Progressive Grocer magazine.
July - September 2012  Fun Facts about the Spiker Family / Reunion Contest Results
  • Haley Conley shares some fun and interesting facts that she has been collecting about the Spiker family.
  • Highlights of the 2012 Spiker Family Reunion
October - December 2012  Remembering Willa Dean Bonnell Spiker
  • Remembering Willa Dean Bonnell Spiker 1928-2012
  • Haley Conley and Pat Cloughessy get married on 10-11-12 at Sanibel Island, Florida.
January - June 2013  Husband & Wife Earn Medical Degrees
  • Husband & wife, Alison & Grant Morris, earn their medical degrees.
  • Twins Delene (Boots) & Delane (Ann) celebrate 80th birthdays in February.
  • Clayton Yeager graduates high school
  • Morgan Hurst graduates high school.
  • Chris Chambers releases new solo music album titled "Weathervane."
July 2013 - December 2013  Introducing the South Fork Cemetery Association
  • Mike Spiker reveals the establishment of the South Fork Cemetery Association and Uncle Paul's generous contribution to the fund.
  • RC Brunstetter will be going to NC State in January to play football as a Long Snapper.
  • Jonelle Spiker Swiger appears in singer Gary Allan's music video titled "It Ain't the Whiskey."
  • Haley & Pat Claughessy announce they're having twins.
January 2014 - December 2014  None Published.  Announcements Only.
  • Haley & Pat Cloughessy's twin sons, Greyson Patrick and Logan Andrew arrive on May 20.
  • Boots, Ann and Paul all celebrate birthdays, as did Coon, who turned 90 on September 10.
January 2015 - May 2015  "Home" Renovations Almost Complete - Introducing our NEW Website.
  • Introduction to the "home renovations" being made to our website.
  • Schedule announced for the 2015 Spiker Reunion
  • Peyton Grett graduates from Olathe High School
  • Devon Yeager graduates from Doddridge County High School
  • Robby Currey III graduates from Marshall University
  • Pete Deremer & Stephanie McGowan announce engagement
  • Kari Deremer & Dustin Duda announce engagement
  • Brock Stotts & Missy Spangler got married in September 2014
  • Drew Spiker & Katie Onachila got married in November 2014
  • Katie & Christian Shaffer announce they are expecting their first child in August
  • Brock & Missy Stotts are expecting their first child in October
  • Twins Greyson & Logan Cloughessy celebrate 1st birthday with a touching video.
  • Melinda & Sue Ann's newest books has been published.
June 2015  Family Gathers at the Spiker Family Farm - The 2015 Reunion
  • Highlights of the 2015 Spiker Family Reunion
  • John Bob & Kate Spiker welcome fifth daughter, Caroline.
  • Cruz Hayes graduates high school
  • Remembering Paul Ausborn Miller 1917-2015
July 2015  The Grey-Haired Guy in the Yellow Shirt
  • We can always find Mike Spiker at the reunion, he's the grey-haired guy in the yellow shirt.
  • Pete Deremer takes trip to Italy.
  • Katie & Christian Shaffer welcome daughter Adalyn.
August 2015  Home Sweet Home - A Photo Scrapbook
  • Photo scrapbook of the Spiker Farm.
  • Mark Spiker takes Medical Mission trip to Ecuador.
September 2015  Spiker Cousin Joins WVU Football
  • RC Brunstetter transfers to WVU.
  • A few photos reinforcing that Spikers love everything Blue & Gold.
  • Kari Deremer opens Etsy store.
October 2015  Introducing Catherine Gay Spiker Miller
  • Paula Kay Miller Nolan introduces us to her mother, Catherine Gay Spiker Miller.
  • Brock & Missy Stotts welcome son Beckett Terry on September 22.
November 2015  Introducing Grace Gurdle Spiker
  • Joan Struzik Cerney & Ruth Strauss Stahl introduce us to Jake's sister, Grace Gurdle Spiker.
December 2015  Remembering Christmases Past
  • Bobbi Conley reflects on Christmases at Bob Spiker's home.
  • Sue Ann Spiker and her farm are seen in an episode of DIY Network's show, "Barnwood Builders."
January 2016  The Spiker/Zinn Farm History
  • Mike Spiker's outline of the Spiker / Zinn Farm History - Union District, Ritchie County, West Virginia.
February 2016  Our Link to Phebe Tucker Cunningham
  • Family photos suggest a possible relationship with Phebe Cunningham
March 2016  Mourning the Loss of our Dear Aunt Ann
  • Delane King - affectionately known to us as Aunt Ann - has passed away.
  • Ryan and Barbara Thrush's eldest son graduates with Double-Major.
April 2016  Spiker Sports
  • We can't get enough of these videos of some of our youngest players.
  • Grant & Alison Morris reveal they're expecting their first child.
May 2016  Spiker Family Reunion 2016 - Schedule of Events
  • A special memorial gathering will be held at the farm house on Saturday to remember Paul Miller.
  • The Schedule of Events is revealed.
  • A family video - Spikerhendge - is released.
June 2016  Highlights from the 2016 Spiker Family Reunion
  • Memorial service for Paul & Francena Miller
  • Currey family travels to Washington D.C. to remember & honor Veterans.
  • While on vacation, Angie Benson helps save a life.
  • Coon Larew has a fun time riding in the Farmer's Day Parade.
July 2016  Welcome to our Family's General Store
  • We are a family of painters, sculptors, and authors, of ranchers, gardeners, and apiarists. So it makes sense that the virtual "inventory" consists of items that family members have made with their own hands.
  • We complement our "family line of goods" with products or services that reference our family and the communities in which they live and toss in a few genealogy-related elements to balance everything out.
August 2016  Treasured Family Photos
  • Prevent memories from being lost and make them easily available to the rest of the family.
  • Discover options for scanning photos & documents.
September 2016  Treasured Family Heirlooms
  • Preserving the stories behind our family heirlooms.
  • Print out our Heirloom Inventory Form
October 2016  Treasured Family Records
  • Proving we didn't make all this stuff up.
  • Locating important family records.
  • Print out our Family Group Sheet
  • Print out our Source Checklist
November 2016  Political Persuasion ???
  • We go back 100 years to see how much - or how little - political views have changed in Ritchie County.
  • Drew & Katie Spiker become parents.
  • Rob & Shelly Currey are honored as Doddridge County 2016 Outstanding 4-H Volunteers
December 2016  They Call it Christmas Creep
January 2017  Introducing: Jacob Verlynne "Lynn" Spiker (part 1 of 2)
  • Save the Date - 2017 Reunion
  • Sarah's photo of the South Fork Baptist Church appears in Charleston newspaper.
February 2017  Gay Spiker Organized First 4-H Club in Ritchie County West Virginia
  • Introducing: Jacob Verlynne "Lynn" Spiker (part 2 of 2)
  • Gracie Spiker mentioned in friend's 1966 Will.
March 2017  What Should I Bring for the Auction
  • Project ideas for the auction.
  • Sarah Spiker Smith offers photos for sale.
April 2017  The Ledger, The Lumber Company, and the Diary
  • Bobbi Spiker Conley announces the discovery of a new family heirloom -- a business ledger/diary written by members of Granville Preston Zinn's family.
May 2017  What's the Forecast?
  • Some reunion activities could be affected by weather.
  • Cousin Stanley Wolfe's family, Minard's Spaghetti Inn, celebrates 80 years in business.
June 2017  Our Website Celebrates 10th Birthday
  • Highlights of the 2017 Spiker Family Reunion
July 2017  Cleaning Up the Gardening Tools
  • Focusing on links and tools that are more specific to OUR direct ancestors and the communities in which they live(d).
  • Resources broken down by Country, State, County, City/Township/Community, Surname
  • It's time for the 11th Annual Spiker Farm Bull Ride.
August 2017  Crowdsourcing - Cemetery Transcription
  • Photos of ancestors involved in cleaning and erecting monuments.
  • Printable Cemetery Survey Templates
  • Requesting volunteers to help document ancestor memorials.
September 2017  Old Barn / New Art
  • The old barn gets a facelift with the addition of new artwork -- a barn quilt painted in traditional Mountaineer blue and gold.
  • Introducing Melanie Fouse's newest grandson, Leland.
  • Drone images of the 11th annual Spiker bull riding event.
October 2017  Saving the Cellar House Stones
  • When one wall of the old Cellar House fell, Mike and others repaired the damage with modern blocks, saving the ancient sandstone blocks for other purposes:
  • Grandmother Gay's Lily Pond
  • Spikerhenge
  • Fire Pit
November 2017  Introducing Robert Bradford
  • An introduction to our 5th great-grandfather from Ireland.
  • Visiting the Bradford Farm Family Cemetery in Pennsylvania.
  • Christian and Katie welcome their 2nd daughter to the family.
December 2017  Merry Christmas 2017
  • Aerial view of the Spiker Family Farm
  • Morgan Hurst becomes a mother.
  • John Bob & Kate welcome daughter number six.
  • Announcing the marriage of Cole and Kylie Grett.
January 2018  Family Tree Reboot/Rebuild for 2018
  • Some call it a "do-over" or a "start-over" but ours is more of a "reboot" or "rebuild" - see what that means for our family tree.
February 2018  Recent Library Additions
  • Cousin Gary W. Zinn introduces himself to the family.
  • Two new articles have been uploaded to our Library.
  • South Fork Church announces bus tour to see the Ark in Kentucky.
March 2018  The Horn Creek Baptist Cemetery
  • Photos of the church and cemetery.
  • Lumber from Marion Bukey Zinn's farm was used to build the church.
  • The leftover lumber was used to build Gay Spiker's sister & brother-in-law's home.
  • EVENT in April -- the Annual Ramp Dinner at Berea's South Fork Grange
April 2018  Catherine Zinn's Diary Reveals Sad History
  • Two die and two are injured in Oxford, WV fire.
  • Newspaper articles provide details.
  • RC Smith and Mikayla Yeager are graduating
  • EVENT in April -- The Ritchie County Historical Society Genealogy & History Fair
May 2018  One Hundred Years at the Spiker Family Farm
  • Construction of the Spiker family's home was completed in 1918. Here's a little history.
  • Barbara Thrush sends us a pic from Kylie and Cole Grett's wedding.
June 2018  Highlights of the 2018 Spiker Family Reunion
  • The OLD family pictures are here.
  • The NEW family pictures are here.
  • The CREEPY family pictures are here.
July 2018  Introducing Marjory Fay Spiker
  • We reveal the identities of the women in the "Creepy Photo" -- they are William Buckner & Anna Marie (Ward) Zinn's daughters, Ila Ota Zinn and Eliza Jane Zinn. 
  • It's time for the 12th Annual Spiker Bull Ride!
  • Gary Zinn submits two more stories for our Library.
  • Spiker cousins recreate an old family photo.
August 2018  Getting to Know the Radcliffe Kids
  • Gay Spiker's sister, Ethel, married Clyde Radcliffe. In this edition, we remember their children.
  • Includes a Photo Album of several of the descendants of Isaac Monroe and Catherine Zinn Bradford Spiker.
  • Cole and Kylie Grett are expecting their first child in February 2019.
  • Remembering cousin Joan Struzik.
September 2018  History of the South Fork Baptist Church Part I
  • Three buildings, one church, and the cemetery - from 1841 to present.
  • Grant, Alison & Zelia are moving to Ohio.
October 2018  History of the South Fork Baptist Church Part II
  • Photos of the 12 stained glass memorial windows.
  • Introduction to those memorialized.
November 2018  Education - Part I
  • From Robert Raikes to Robert Spiker - the Sunday School Movement
  • Little "Bobby Spiker's" readers
December 2018  Education - Part II
  • From Bradford Spiker to Robert Spiker - brother teaching brother
  • Introducing the Sunny Point School
  • Harvey Shepler salvages the lumber; Brad Spiker rescues the outhouse
January 2019  Education - Part III
  • From Gary Zinn to Elma Mae Leggett
  • Introducing the Summers School - What is was REALLY like walking to school
  • Remembering Aunt Boots - Delene Winew Larew
February 2019  Education - Part IV
  • From Elma Mae Leggett to Cathy Spiker Gregis
  • Introducing the Point Pleasant School
  • Grant & Alison Morris welcome their second child, a daughter.
  • Cole & Kylie Grett welcome their first child, a son.
March 2019  Pending publication
April 2019  The Spiker Reunion is Next Month
  • Schedule of Events
  • John Hicks Sets All-Time Best State Record
May 2019  Get Ready to Meet our "New Cousins"
  • Introducing James & Caroline Spiker of Indiana
  • Introducing Ken & Georgia Ann (Spiker) Varner of Iowa
  • Peyton Grett earns Sociology Degree
June 2019  Photo Highlights of the 2019 Family Reunion
  • List of who attended the festivities on Sunday (well, most of them.)
  • Fishing Contest winners
  • John Hicks signs Letter of Intent 
July 2019  Pending publication
August 2019  Announcements - Doddridge County Fair
  • Cheyenne Curry wins three Banners
  • Mikayla Yeager crowned Queen
September 2019  Announcements - Anniversary
  • Mike & Marty Spiker celebrate at the Greenbrier in WV
  • 1979-2019 -- their 40th Wedding Anniversary
October 2019  Announcements - Boy Scouts
  • Derek Gifford reacts quickly to safeguard those in his care.
  • Receives award in recognition of his courageous and potentially life-saving actions.
November 2019  Pending publication
December 2019  Pending publication
January 2020  An Ancient Tortoise...or Two
  • Bob Spiker and his father left their marks on a box turtle's shell.
  • News article from The Ritchie Standard reveals that cousin William "Buckner" Zinn may have started the tradition.
  • Update to original article: 13-year-old boy from Washington County, PA is part of the tradition as well.
February 2020  Introducing William Buckner Zinn
  • Several stories about our cousin Buckner Zinn
  • Civil War Pension Index for the 6th WV Infantry, Company E
March 2020  The Influenza Pandemic
  • Overview - COVID-19 Timeline
  • Overview - N1H1 aka "Spanish Influenza" Timeline
  • Transcription from local newspapers reveal some of the impact of the 1918-1919 "Spanish Flu" on our ancestors in Ritchie County.
  • An old Spiker remedy for preventing the flu (and maybe COVID-19)
April 2020  Announcements - 2020 Family Reunion
  • This year's reunion has been POSTPONED.
  • The "next generation" is encouraged to write their "Memories of the Spiker Farm"
May 2020  Decoration Day, Memorial Day, and the Family Reunion
  • Decorating the graves of the Civil War dead
  • Memorial Day becomes a national holiday
  • Honoring fallen members of the American armed forces from all wars
June 2020  Stories from the Next Generation
  • Melanie Fouse challenges the next generation to write their family stories.
  • Katie Spiker Shaffer submits her story titled My Farm Memories
  • Remembering the late Tom "Buzz" Kuhn.
July 2020  Introducing Jacob Bradford
  • Our 2nd great-grandfather and his family
  • His march in the Tennessee & Virginia Railroad Campaign
  • His death in the Battle at Cloyd's Mountain
August 2020  Battle at Cloyd's Mountain - The Other Stories
  • Jacob Bradford's widow remarries
  • Mentions of other ancestors in the battle
  • Two future Presidents
  • Killed in Battle - living to tell the tale
September 2020  Company F, Fourteenth Regiment of  WV Volunteers
  • The flag carried by the 14th infantry
  • The records of Company F are preserved
  • A consolidated list of the solders of Company F
  • Unclaimed Civil War Medals 
October 2020  Announcements - American Flag Installed at South Fork Cemetery
  • Funded by members of the Spiker family.
  • Installed by members of the South Fork Church
  • See photos
November 2020  The Courting Letters
  • Letters sent to our grandparents Jake Spiker and Gay Zinn
  • Where they came from; how we got them
  • Majority are "Courting" letters dated 1905 through 1907
December 2020  Holiday Greetings
  • Gay sends first Christmas Greeting Card to her sweetheart, Jake Spiker
  • Merry Christmas!
January 2021  The First Letters
  • Gay and Jake begin writing letters almost daily.
  • Gay "quits" her former beaus
  • Letters mention: Goldie Ward, Alco Zinn, Otley Zinn and others
February 2021  The Valentines
  • The valentines that Gay and Jake mailed to one another weren't what we were expecting.
  • Their quirky senses of humor played out like a romantic comedy.
  • Photos of the "Vinegar Valentines"
March 2021  Untangling the Hidden Meanings
  • From the "courting letters," we learn when the couple met and decipher the meaning of "bringing in the wood," among others.
  • YES! A reunion is being planned for May 2021. 
April 2021  The Secret of the Court House Cave
  • Others began noticing Jake and Gay's courtship
  • Letters reveal that the couple frequently stopped at the Court House Cave in Harrisville
  • Letters mention: Perry Zinn, Agnes Burwell, and Lena Ward
May 2021  Local Courtships and Marriages are Recorded
  • Jake and Gay's relationship is attacked by the local Rumor Mill.
  • Letters mention: Roy Bee, Blaine Nutter, Francis Hemsworth, Ben Rogers & Bertha Wade, Ralph Sommerville & Ona Douglass, Ernest Zinn & Gay Calhoun, Howard Loudin & Essie Zinn, Lloyd Dotson & Emma Gay Jet, Charlie DeBrular & Dochie Gribble, Lloyd Gray & Ocal Haught, Jennings Law & Dulcie Post, and others.
  • Haley & Patrick Cloughessy relocate to Arkansas
  • Obituaries - Larry Gregis, Sylvia Zinn, Myra Zinn 
June 2021  Gay Zinn Marries Jacob Spiker
  • Gay and Jake discuss their wedding plans.
  • Gay and Jake's wedding and their first home.
  • The Spiker Family Reunion of 2021
  • Three teens graduate from high school: Christian Hicks, Carigan Hayes, and Connor Smith.
  • Kayelin Perry marries David Spiker.
July 2021  It's in the Mail
  • S.W.A.K. and other declarations of love
  • Slow, misdirected, and lost letters
  • Letters mention: Oxford Postmaster Ernest Erickson Zinn and wife Vallie Gay (Calhoun) Zinn.
  • Derek Gifford donates Welcome Sign to West Milford park.
August 2021  Gay Zinn's Adventures with the Horses
  • Horse is spooked and runs off.
  • Drives into bees nest.
  • Need to put down an injured horse - but not on Sunday.
September 2021  Health Updates and Notices of Death
  • Gay and her brother, and Jake and his mother injure their hands
  • Hemorrhages of the lungs, the grippe, and pneumonia fever
  • Runaway horses and fights cause injuries
  • Gay and Coe go to the dentist 
  • Deaths of Mary Bush-Vannoy, Roy Arden White, Sarah Pierce, General Thomas Maley Harris, Amanda Waugh-Starkey, Emery A. Sisk, Elijah Lipscomb, Lawrence Taylor, William Jennings Bryan Taylor, and Thelma C. Taylor.
  • Letters also mention: Ezra Bell, Lulu Bell, Laura Bell, Lee Campbell, Rosetta Zinn, Judge Homer Boughner Woods, Sr., Willis Kemper, Thurman Clay Kemper, David Burl "Bud" Toothman, Bayne Dennan Burwell, Jasper Allman, Winifred Davis Woods, Thomas Jeffrey Davis, Sr., James Frederic "Fred" White, Dr. Nathan Elbert Eddy, and Milton "Milt" G. Taylor.
October 2021  What's Happening - Part I
  • at School
  • at Church
  • Just in time for Halloween — a couple ghost stories written by Nancy Allman
  • Letters mention: May Griffin, Emma Arnouse, Mag Hammer, Gracie Spiker, Henry Allman, and Nora Tharp.
November 2021  What's Happening  - Part II
  • with the Weather
  • in the Community
  • Letters also mention: Sarah Riggs, Bill Wilson, Newt Cox, Bernie Gorrell, Carrie Wass, Porter Leggett, Hazel Summers, Jennie Prichard, Gay Fisher, Maude Amos, Maun Dennison, John Riggs, Dock Jackson, Alpheus Starr, Ritchie Ireland, Ben Rogers, Bertha Wade, Cora Robinson, Ada Night, Shirley Pritchard, Vada Fisher, Clyde Ehret, Oaf Hickman, Jim Hickman, Bert Burwell, Eva Jean Morris, Leona Burwell, Henry Law, Jennings Law, Marion Gray, John Hess, Walter Davis, Dave Law, Bert Nutter, Marion Gray, Howard Gray, Frankie Leggett, Mollie Cole,  Pearl Ehret, Goldie Mattie, Ray Zinn, and more.
  • Obituary - Mark Conley
December 2021  What's Happening - Part III
  • at Work
  • at Home
  • Letters also mention: Bert Powell, Eliton Powell, Cecil Hickman,  Javan Bush, Paint Bee, Okey Gray, Howard Loyd, Cleo Gray, John Turner, Eva Law, Ona Law, Miream Woods, Bertha Bush, Rev. Emery Judson Woofter, Mildred Woofter, Mary Woofter, J.L. Britton, Wesley Morris. Marion Gray, Earnest Campbell, Allen Goff, Ancel Zinn, Edna Campbell, Dan Richards, Addis Bush, Ray Wade, Fred Ireland, Minnie Ireland, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Maple, Frankie Leggett, Bessie Jones, and more.
  • Keri Hurst becomes a National Board Certified Teacher.
January - December 2022  Changes Coming to the Spiker Website
  • Bobbi Spiker-Conley retires as Webmaster of the Spiker Family Gathering Place and as Editor of the Spiker Family Gazette.
  • Pete Deremer to accept the torch from Bobbi as the new webmaster and editor.