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The Spiker Gazette
Oxford, WV                                   Volume 5             Issue 12                                December 20, 2011

Newspaper Delivery Changes

Written by: Bobbi Spiker-Conley


     We published the first Spiker Gazette in June 2007  (Can you believe it has been that long?)  Other than a few delays, we haven't missed a monthly publication.  Until now.    Effective January 2012, we will publish newsletters on a QUARTERLY basis instead of monthly.

     Happily our family has been doing better at keeping up with long-distance relatives through e-mail and social sites like Facebook.  Sadly that also means there is less sharing through the Spiker Family Gathering Place.  Add to that the fact that our reporters' schedules are increasingly tight and you will certainly understand why we need to change our delivery schedule. 

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     As always, we look to you for contributions to our family website.  Send us your articles, photos, genealogical discoveries, announcements, etc. 

     Speaking of about sharing some of your Holiday news??? 

     Until then...

     Wishing you a Merry Christmas and the Best of New Years.   





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Dates to Remember

December 4BIRTHDAY - Joan Cerney
December 8BIRTHDAY - Morgan Hurst
December 9BIRTHDAY - Caden Hess
December 20BIRTHDAY - Gary Conley
December 20BIRTHDAY - Keri Hurst
December 21BIRTHDAY - Mykayla Yeager
December 22BIRTHDAY - Mike Spiker
December 23BIRTHDAY - Melinda Chambers
January 06ANNIVERSARY - Paula and Mike Nolan
January 18ANNIVERSARY - Sarah and John Christopher Smith
January 25BIRTHDAY - Byron Lynn Spiker
January 30BIRTHDAY - Barbara Stroud Thrush
January 30BIRTHDAY - Gracie Lynn Spiker

If you discover a date that we've omitted, please be sure to let us know.