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NOTE:  Newsletters from 2007 through 2014 were archived & later moved to a new location here.  As a result, some links may not work properly, formatting may be inconsistent, and some previously published articles may be missing



The Spiker Gazette
Oxford, WV                                     Volume 8                         Issue 1                                 January-December, 2014




  • Submitted by Bobbi Spiker Conley on February 7, 2014 -- Happy Birthday Aunt Boots & Aunt Ann.


  • Submitted by Paula Miller Nolan on March 8, 2014 -- Dad's 97th birthday will happen on March 22. I know he would love to hear from any of you. His address is 1957A Sunrise Drive, Montrose, CO, 81401. He does amazingly well. We are trying to finish his memoir through the self-publishing route. That has been a challenge but are hoping to have it done before long. Love to all!!
  • Submitted by Bobbi Spiker-Conley on May 22, 2014  -- Introducing our grandsons, Greyson & Logan.  They are very tiny but they are courageous fighters just like their mother.  Despite many hurdles, the boys "stayed put" until their 34th week -- much farther along than most had anticipated.  God cleverly worked things out in our schedules so that Gary & I could experience seeing our pregnant daughter in person, standing vigil throughout her delivery & recovery, and looking into the eyes of those tiny miracles before Gary had to return home.  Our RV is parked on their front lawn & I'll be staying here for as long as I'm needed.

    As most of you know, Haley has been confined to the hospital for the past TEN WEEKS and is anxious to "escape".  It appears she will be discharged tomorrow.  The boys, of course, will remain in the NICU until God says it's time for them to go home too.  Please, please continue to keep this new family in your prayers.  The boys' tiny bodies aren't yet prepared for the demands of this world & the parents' emotions are certain to swing wildly for several more weeks.

    Thank you for joining us in prayer on this new journey.  Gary & Bobbi


  • Submitted by Connie Larew Holovics on September 6, 2014 -- Hey Spiker clan! Dad is turning 90 years old Wednesday, September 10th. If anyone would like to send a BD card for his special day, his address is HC 81, BOX 68, Ballard WV 24918, I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.
  • Submitted by Bobbi Spiker-Conley on December 27, 2014 -- Our cousin RC Brunstetter holding the Bitcoin Bowl trophy.