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The Spiker Gazette
Oxford, WV                                   Volume 5             Issue 7                                July 19, 2011

The Buzz Around Town

Written by:  Bobbi Spiker-Conley


     According to the buzz on Facebook, it appears the Spikers are a bunch of busy bees this summer...  

     Kate Spiker has been setting up a new website that details the goings-on at John and Sue Spiker's farm in Jane Lew, WV.  Visit the site at  Be sure to look for details regarding the Annual Bull Ride scheduled for Saturday, July 30.

     Also busy with website updates is Chris Chambers' bluegrass band, Appalachia.  Read band member bios, view photos and videos, and find out when they may be playing in your area by visiting their newly redesigned website at    

     Jonelle Swiger announced she's arranged to have the vacant property by Dairy King in Jane Lew available for use as a Farmers Market.  "It's kind of a test run to see if there would be enough interested people," she said.  "I'll be there around 8:00 AM each Saturday and will stay until noon or until I'm sold out.  Come on out and support your local gardeners.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to set up a station free of charge on Saturday mornings."  In addition to the produce from her garden, Jonelle is selling fresh brown eggs and taking orders for locally raised beef.       

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     Haley Conley and Pat Cloughessy became engaged on July 1.  Their parents are trying to help the couple brainstorm ways to include family and friends from New York to Florida in the celebration.  This could be tricky.

     Robby Currey recently completed his year of service as West Virginia State FFA Secretary and is now running for National FFA office.  This past April, he received West Virginia's nomination to represent the state at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He will go through several interview rounds and other selection processes and will hopefully be one of six appointed to the title of a National FFA officer. 

     Robby's friends have set up a support page on Facebook titled "Operation Bulldog" where visitors can learn more about Robby, leave personal comments and participate in awareness-raising events such as a current t-shirt sale.  Participation in this newly formed group exceeds 1500 members and is growing daily.

     Now...what have the REST of you been up to this summer?




  Submitted by Bobbi Spiker-Conley -- We've received another link to a photo album of the 2011 Spiker Family Reunion. Click here to view Jean Spiker's album on Facebook.

   Submitted by Bobbi Spiker-Conley -- Out of all the reunion photos we've viewed so far, there's not one GROUP shot.  If you have a copy on your camera, please email a copy of it to me at [email protected] . 


Dates to Remember

July 3BIRTHDAY - Robert Curry III
July 6BIRTHDAY - Kari Deremer
July 9BIRTHDAY - Connie Larew Holvics
July 15BIRTHDAY - Adelene Spiker
July 19ANNIVERSARY - Renee & Christopher Chambers
July 30BIRTHDAY - Jane Ellen Hayes
July 31BIRTHDAY - Christian Hicks
August 5BIRTHDAY - Willa Dean Spiker
August 6BIRTHDAY - Ryan Thrush
August 8ANNIVERSARY - Kelly & John Hicks
August 9ANNIVERSARY - Marilyn & Mark Spiker
August 11BIRTHDAY - Dana Hurst
August 20BIRTHDAY - Marilyn Spiker
August 22BIRTHDAY - Shelly Currey
August 22BIRTHDAY - Shaun Gifford
August 25ANNIVERSARY - Marty & Mike Spiker

If you discover a date that we've omitted, please be sure to let us know.