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The Spiker Gazette
Oxford, WV                                                       Volume 3             Issue 6                                         June 13, 2009

Family Gathers at the Spiker Family Farm -- The 2009 Reunion
Written by:  Bobbi Spiker-Conley & Melanie Spiker-Fouse

     There was plenty of action at the Spiker Family Reunion this year that started when the crowd began to gather at the farm on Saturday.  Some parked their motor homes on the lawn, some piled their gear in the farmhouse bedrooms for an overnight stay and others drove in just for the evening.  Melanie Fouse attended the event and shared the following story.

     "The power went out early in the evening and Mike tried everything to get it back on but finally ended up calling the power company. They said they'd be out later that evening. They had to come all the way from Clarksburg. Mike blamed it on all the women being there. Said the men (had) come out (in the past to) hunt, fish, etc., and the power never went out.

    "Everyone had to make do with the outhouse or use the old hand pump in the back room to refill the tank on the toilet as the water goes off when the electric goes off. 

     "As the evening grew darker, everyone gathered around the bonfire and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. There was singing and conversation and then the power company man arrived and everyone cheered! The worker looked at the transformer and said he'd been doing this job for more than 20 years and he'd never seen one that old but he thought there was a switch on it he could flip. Turned out he was right and right away the lights in the house came on and all the women cheered again!  Seems the transformer had probably been there since they first brought electricity to the farm."

     Preparations for the main event began early the next morning.  The grill was prepared, chickens were cleaned and tables were lined up on the lawn.  Volunteers to assist in various planned events were recruited from their cars as they pulled up to the house. 

     While many of us rummaged through hundreds of old family photos pressed into albums, tossed into boxes and hung on the wall, John and his crew manned the grill.  As I watched them meticulously clean each chicken, John informed me that such care was due to my mother's instructions.  She and my father, Bob (aka, "Chicken Bob",) have always been considered the family's Charcoaled Chicken experts.  One of mother's requirements was that each chicken be carefully inspected and thoroughly cleaned of all feathers, hairs and leftover "icky stuff" often missed by the poultry providers. 

     Having created his own version of Daddy's personally designed grill (one that was modified to cook up to 200 chicken halves,) "Chicken John" has taken over the time-honored tradition.  Each year John stops by Mother's house to pick up a sprayer of "goopy" (the secret marinade that makes the chicken taste soooo good; click here for her recipe) and treats us to such tasty grilled chicken that I'm sure Daddy would be proud.



(continued at right)    

 (continued from left)    


     After a delicious dinner that included a wide variety of salads, side dishes and desserts contributed by the family cooks (click here to snag some of those recipes), everyone gathered on the front lawn for the annual group photo.  And as soon as the last camera shutter clicked, many headed to the pond or river for the Fishing Rodeo.  Mike Spiker  ended the contest with a blast from his personal air horn and later announced the following:

     A special thanks to Shelly Curry for being the judge, jury and overseeing the event.  This year's contest winners are:


Mark's granddaughter, Kate, won a rod and reel combo.

Melinda's grandson, Christian,  won a rod and reel combo.
Jeff's grandson, Derek, won a fishing kit combo set.


     The crowd soon gathered again on the front lawn to learn the winners in the raffle drawing and to take part in the annual auction.  Although I do not know the exact dollar amount, I have been told that the auction proceeds benefiting the South Fork Cemetery exceeded $1100.

     Our day of family celebration came to a close with another campfire Sunday evening that included songs, stories and, of course, more s'mores. 

     Plans for next year's reunion are already in the works.  Mike tells us they are reconditioning the old Spiker buggy, which has not been used for over 60 years, and hope to have it available for rides by then.

     In the meantime, you can view some photos of the weekend by flipping through our album (click here - EDIT - photos no longer available after merge.)  We couldn't post them all on our site, but literally HUNDREDS of additional photos (and some scrapbook layouts of the event) may be viewed on Facebook where several of our cousins (including me, Cathy, Melanie, Paula, Briana, Brada, Marty, and many of our spouses and children) have accounts.  If you're not yet a member, consider creating your own free account on Facebook too and join us in all the continuing family fun.

     Brada summed up the event by saying, "It was one of the best reunions ever!"  I agree.  And I'm sure the sentiment was shared by many others.  Here's hoping we'll all be together again next year.



  Submitted by Jean Spiker -- Author Melinda Chambers will be signing copies of her children's books at Tamarack, WV on June 13 between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

  Submitted by John DeBrular -- Thank you for inviting me to the reunion and to everyone for making me feel so welcome.  It was as if I had known your family all my life.  Your family relationship is precious.

  Submitted by Mike Spiker -- The annual Spiker Reunion was held Sunday, May 24, 2009 at the Spiker Family Farm on Holbrook Road in Ritchie County.  The following attended the reunion:

Brada StottsEvans, WV Brock StottsEvans, WV
Paula NolanColumbia, MO Mark SpikerPennsboro, WV
Marilyn SpikerPennsboro, WV Katie SpikerElizabeth, WV
Jeana SpikerPennsboro, WV Mike SpikerRipley, WV
Marty SpikerRipley, WV Drew SpikerArlington, VA
Delane "Ann" KingHarrisville, WV Kari DeremerMorgantown, WV
Briana SpikerMorgantown, WV Cathy GregisJane Lew, WV
Larry GregisJane Lew, WV Clayton YeagerSalem, WV
Devon YeagerSalem, WV Mikayla YeagerSalem, WV
Sarah SmithCharleston, WV Connor SmithCharleston, WV
Kate SmithCharleston, WV Mike NolanColumbia, MO
Jonelle SwigerJane Lew, WV Slate SwigerJane Lew, WV
Sawyer SwigerJane Lew, WV Angie BensonHurricane, WV
Robby BensonHurricane, WV Sue SpikerJane Lew, WV
Byron SpikerJane Lew, WV Alice SpikerMarietta, OH
Melanie FouseKearneysville, WV Rheanna HessKearneysville, WV
Cameron HessKearneysville, WV Adreanna HessKearneysville, WV
Rachel FouseKearneysville, WV Caden HessKearneysville, WV
Alison SpikerRipley, WV Adelene SpikerJane Lew, WV
Ruth BurnsideJane Lew, WV John SpikerJane Lew, WV
Gene BurnsideJane Lew, WV John HicksRomney, WV
Kelly HicksRomney, WV Chris ChambersFort Ashby, WV
Renee ChambersFort Ashby, WV Ella ChambersKeyser, WV
Byron ChambersRomney, WV Melinda ChambersRomney, WV
Shelly CurrySalem, WV Rob CurreySalem, WV
Robby CurrySalem, WV Pete DeremerMorgantown, WV
Kristen LorensenCharleston, WV Chris GrisibMorgantown, WV
Dana HurstOxford, WV Keri HurstOxford, WV
Morgan HurstOxford, WV Phoebe HurstOxford, WV
Willa Dean SpikerGood Hope, WV Christian ShafferWeston, WV
Bobbi ConleyOrlando, FL Gary ConleyOrlando, FL
Haley ConleyMahopac, NY Jeff SpikerGood Hope, WV
Jean SpikerGood Hope, WV Derek GiffordClarksburg, WV
Mary PayneWest Union, WV John Hicks Jr.Romney, WV
Christian HicksRomney, WV Grant HicksRomney, WV
Carigan HayesHarrisville, WV Cruz HayesHarrisville, WV
David SpikerJane Lew, WV Jessica O'ConnellCalgary, Canada
Coon LarewBallard, WV Delene "Boots" LarewBallard, WV
Darrell SiesholtzLancaster, PA Priscilla SiesholtzLancaster, PA
John DeBrularWashington, WV David BallOxford, WV
Rhonda BallOxford, WV Byran Ireland & familyPullman, WV


Dates to Remember

June 5BIRTHDAY - Haley Conley
June 5BIRTHDAY - Phoebe Hurst
June 5ANNIVERSARY - Jonelle & Chris Swiger
June 6BIRTHDAY - Paula Nolan
June 10BIRTHDAY - Drew Spiker
June 14BIRTHDAY - Rachel Fouse
June 18BIRTHDAY - Sarah Smith
June 19BIRTHDAY - Rickki Hite
June 20BIRTHDAY - David Spiker
June 22BIRTHDAY - Katie Spiker
June 24BIRTHDAY - Larry Gregis
June 28BIRTHDAY - Briana Spiker
June 28BIRTHDAY - John Smith
July 3BIRTHDAY - Robert Curry III
July 6BIRTHDAY - Kari Deremer
July 9BIRTHDAY - Connie Larew Holvics
July 15BIRTHDAY - Adelene Spiker
July 19ANNIVERSARY - Renee & Christopher Chambers
July 30BIRTHDAY - Jane Ellen Hayes
July 31BIRTHDAY - Christian Hicks