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The Spiker Gazette
Oxford, WVVolume  10Issue  6June  2016
In this Issue:Highlights from the 2016 Spiker Family Reunion


Highlights from the 2016 Spiker Family Reunion


We had at least 85 guests at the reunion this year,
including Beckett Stotts making his first appearance at a Spiker reunion (shown here with his mom, Missy.) 



The auction (John Spiker, auctioneer) took in $1332.50.
After expenses, the net amount donated to the
South Fork Cemetery Association was $861.34.




     Winners of the Corn Hole contest

 John Spiker & John Bob Spiker.

     Winners of the Fishing Derby
Biggest Fish -- Ella Chambers
Smallest Fish -- Liam Thrush
Most Fish -- Camden Thrush

Spiker Family Reunion - May 29, 2016



♦  Submitted by: Paula Miller Nolan -- It was a beautiful day for dad and Francena's memorial service at the farm on May 28, 2016. It had been almost a year after dad's death before we could honor his wish to be remembered at the farm and then to rest at South Fork Cemetery with his beloved Francena. There had been planning over the year to prepare for this day, and the help of Mark and Mike Spiker was crucial to make all of this possible.

     We were pleased that two of our sons and families could attend, and we were thankful that many others of the extended family chose to be with us.  The service was held on the front porch with guests sitting on the front lawn.  We were also honored by the attendance of the 17 year cicadas who gave us significant background noise.  Several hummingbirds also chose to be in attendance.  
     Mike Nolan led the service, and he spoke of his mother, Francena, who had had a memorial service at the time of her passing while we lived in Missouri.  The focus of the service then shifted to dad.  He had great loyalty and love for the Spiker family and for the entire state of West Virginia.  As was stated, he felt West Virginians were his people.  Cousins Mike, Mark, and John agreed to speak and help with the service.  Grandsons, Ryan and Evan and I also spoke.  Happy memories were shared as were the impacts dad had on people's lives.  It certainly was a day of celebrating a special and meaningful life.  
     After the service at the farm, many of us went to South Fork for the burial of the urn which contained remains of both dad and Francena.   After Mark spoke at graveside, the urn was buried with the help of dad's great-grandsons, Camden, Liam and Logan.  The headstone reads "On the Trail Together" as that was a central theme of their lives.   Dad also now rests with his twin girls, his son, Tom, and my mother, Catherine.  


♦  Submitted by: siblings Cheyenne and Robby Currey (Rob & Shelly's children) about their grandfather Robert Currey.

     Cheyenne said:  "Today I was able to visit the Washington memorials, with my brother and my favorite veteran. It was truly amazing to get to spend this day with him. Being able to see his friends name upon the wall and him paying his respects is something I will never forget, he is and always will be my hero. Love you pappy"

     Robby said: "Grateful that I was able to spend the day with my hero, & favorite solider. We spent time remembering not only his sacrifice, but the sacrifice of so many.

     I felt the lump in my throat grow as so many people came to him; thanking him for his service, without missing a beat, he told each one "it was my pleasure".. We learned about several of his "battle buddies" & gave our thanks by merely gliding our hands across their engraved names. Pap, thank you for your service, I'll never forget- Freedom is Not Free, because you've paid the price. You'll forever be the strongest soldier I know."




♦  Submitted by: Angie Spiker Benson (copied from her post on Facebook.)

     So today while on vacation (in Key West, FL,) I literally helped save a person's life.

     I was alone at the concierge desk booking a dolphin watch cruise for tonight while Rob was upstairs on the top floor of our hotel inside our room. As I was at the lobby desk, talking to the hotel concierge, a man working at the hotel ran out from our hotel's kitchen and said "Oh my God someone help! Our cook fell on the floor and... is shaking all over!"

     I ran into the kitchen and the head cook was lying on the floor and was convulsing rapidly. I Immediately went into medical mode and was able to take charge of the situation. I pointed to the nearest kitchen worker and told them to call 911. Then I helped safely position (take away the knife in her hand where she had been cutting food to prepare so that she didn't harm herself) and began assessing her. I could not locate her pulse and she was totally unresponsive. She was convulsing rapidly and after she stopped convulsing, her eyes rolled back in her head and she lay lifeless and unresponsive on the kitchen floor. Without going into all the medical details, ultimately we saved her life and she should ultimately be totally fine. She is recovering at the hospital now.

     Poor Rob totally freaked out bc the hotel called our room to ask him to come downstairs to the lobby (I had asked the kitchen workers to call our room to get him to help me with rescue CPR and the AED machine bc I didn't know how long the ambulance would take and no one else nearby knew CPR but I knew Rob would be able to help me if it took awhile for the ambulance to get to the hotel.) So, the front desk called Rob like I had asked them to do, but in the chaos all they said was come down to the lobby immediately your wife needs help, but didn't tell him I was okay. So Rob ran down to the hotel lobby and he saw all chaos and he heard the ambulance sirens and he thought something was wrong with me and he couldn't see me or anyone else bc of the crowd and he couldn't get inside the kitchen due to security.

     Anyways, I'm so thankful that I was able to help this woman and that I happened to be at the right place at the right time. As I worked on her, I shouted out prayers to God and the rest of the kitchen staff chimed in with me as I prayed to God to save her life almost in a chant mode. Thank you Jesus that I was able to help save this woman's life. The hotel just called the hospital and she has been admitted to the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery. Here's a pic (top right) about 2 hours later of the kitchen staff who worked along with me and me helped take care of her. As an extremely nice gesture, the hotel offered to give us a completely free stay but I wouldn't let them do that. I told them, God has blessed my husband and I tremendously so we feel blessed that we were able to help someone in need. The fact that she is expected to be totally fine and make a full recovery is the best news we could ever receive

In response to the numerous comments Angie received on Facebook, she replied:

     Thank you all for your kind words. I'm glad I was there to help her. Honestly, my heart is still beating incredibly fast from the incident. I'm thrilled she will be fine. It was very scary. As she rolled out on the ambulance, she was still very sick, but was responsive at that point and she patted my face over and over with her hands with tears in her eyes. She could not speak but she mouthed the words "Thank you." to me. As she looked me in the eyes. I held her hand and cried . I will never forget that moment and her thankful, teary eyes. There really is good in the world. The entire kitchen staff rallied around me and some of them didn't even know what I was saying (bc several of the kitchen workers did not speak English) when I was praying for her as I was working on her, but they repeated my words anyways. Later one of the workers told me that they all
decided together to repeat my words bc they could tell that "my heart was good and true so that would repeat whatever I said to help their sick friend because they knew I was trying my best to help their friend get better so they would repeat my words to help."

And also:

     Thanks to everyone for your nice comments. Today was a very eventful day and I'm so very thankful that I was able to help this woman in need. The hotel staff went above and beyond to try and help her and they were extremely thankful to my husband and I for my efforts to to help her. I'm just thankful that I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Today was a great reminder to Rob and I to cherish every moment and live a life that serves out God's purpose. I feel extremely blessed to have been able to help this woman and especially thankful that she will ultimately be fine and make a complete recovery. I honestly could not ask for better news. I have prayed about her all day and I'm absolutely thrilled with her recovery and prognosis.




♦  Submitted by: Connie Holovics -- My 91-year-old dad having the time of his life in the Farmer's Day Parade.

"Coon Larew, Hans Creek, WV 91 and counting.""Coon, 1 of 11 Sibs. Gardened since age 6. Learned all from MOM"


♦  Submitted by: Marilyn Spiker-- Attendance Record Family Reunion 2016.  There are 85 names on this list compiled from signatures on the sign-in sheets, from viewing the group photo, and from memory. Please let us know of any names that are missing. Thank you.


 Drew & Katie SpikerAlexandria, VA
 Chris & Kate Smith, Connor & SarahCharleston, WV
 John & Nancy StreetCharleston, WV
 Ryan & Barbara Thrush, CamdenDelta, CO
 Brada StottsEvans, WV
 Jeff & Jean Spiker, Derek GiffordGood Hope, WV
 Jane Hayes, Cali, Carigan & CasslynHarrisville, WV
 Rob & Angie Benson, Bryce & BlakeHurricane, WV
 Melanie FouseInwood, WV
 John Bob & Kate Spiker, Ava, Bella, Caroline, Gracie & KatelynJane Lew, WV
 John & Sue Ann SpikerJane Lew, WV
 Chris & Jonelle Swiger, Slate & SawyerJane Lew, WV
 David SpikerJane Lew, WV
 Kayla WrightJane Lew, WV
 Chris & Renee Chambers, Ella & LylaKeyser, WV
 Darrel & Pricilla SiesholtzLancaster, PA
 Haley Cloughessy, Greyson & LoganMahopac, NY
 Mike & Paula NolanMontrose, CO
 Mary Lucidlle DeBerryMorgantown, WV
 Kari DeremerMorgantown, WV
 Dustin DudaMorgantown, WV
 Briana SpikerMorgantown, WV
 Brad Stotts & KistaMoundsville, WV
 Ashley ThomasMoundsville, WV
 Dana & Keri Hurst, Phoebe & MorganOxford, WV
 Jeana SpikerParkersburg, WV
 Mark & Marilyn SpikerPennsboro, WV
 Mike & Marty SpikerRipley, WV
 Brock & Missy Stotts, BeckettRipley, WV
 Byron & Melinda ChambersRomney, WV
 John & Kelly Hicks, John Jr., Grant & ChristianRomney, WV
 Mikayla YeagerSalem, WV
 Evan & Jen Thrush, Liam & LoganSanAnselmo, CA
 Pete DeremerTysons, VA
 Stephanie McGowanTysons, VA
 Larry & Cathy GregisWest Union, WV