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The Spiker Gazette
Oxford, WV                                   Volume 5             Issue 5                                May 5, 2011

Spiker Reunion Schedule Announced for May 2011

Written by:  Mike Spiker


     Here is a tentative schedule of events but, as always, it is flexible.


Farm opens for business if anyone wants to ride ATVs or horses, hike, fish or just sit and talk.  We will have a cookout and campfire that evening with possible singing led by Dr. Mark "Sing Along" Spiker.  Camp sites and electric hookups for campers are available.


10:00 AM (or whenever John arrives or gets up) --Grilled chicken with Dr. John "Cook 'Em Up" Spiker and his "volunteers" presiding.

12:00 - 12:15 PM -- Opening ceremonies with Dr. Mark and Mike Spiker presiding; Opening prayer; Family photo.

12:30 PM -- Lunch!  (everyone bring covered dish.)

1:30 - 1:45 PM -- Auction (everyone please bring auction items) with Colonel John Spiker presiding.

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 2:15 - 2:30 (or right after the auction) -- Free Raffle with Dr. Mark Spiker.  A special item to be raffled off will be Paula Nolan's sunglasses since she never uses them two years in a row, and because she owes Mark one pair (just kidding.) 

2:30 -- Fishing Contest at pond 1, pond 2 and/or river.  Prizes will be awarded for the Biggest, Smallest and Most Fish caught within a one hour period.  Limited to participants 18 years and under to keep Mark Spiker from trying to win prizes.  Awards will be given out immediately after contest.

Depending on interest, we may also have a Corn Hole contest after the auction with teams of two.  No age limit.

There will be an evening campfire with Dr. Spiker and his singing recruits for whoever remains.  PLEASE BRING GUITARS and anything else that makes a pretty sound. 

You may bring your own ATV, horse, etc. for trail rides throughout Saturday and Sunday.  Other activities such as scanning of old photos, etc. as time permits.




None Submitted


Dates to Remember

May 8BIRTHDAY - Cathy Gregis
May 16BIRTHDAY - John Hicks
May 20BIRTHDAY - Ava Marie Spiker
May 29ANNIVERSARY - Jeff & Jean Spiker
June 1BIRTHDAY - Kate Smith
June 3BIRTHDAY - Connor Smith
June 5BIRTHDAY - Haley Conley
June 5BIRTHDAY - Phoebe Hurst
June 5ANNIVERSARY - Jonelle & Chris Swiger
June 6BIRTHDAY - Paula Nolan
June 10BIRTHDAY - Drew Spiker
June 14BIRTHDAY - Rachel Fouse
June 18BIRTHDAY - Sarah Smith
June 19BIRTHDAY - Rikki Hite
June 20BIRTHDAY - David Spiker
June 22BIRTHDAY - Katie Spiker
June 23BIRTHDAY - Wayne Struzik
June 24BIRTHDAY - Larry Gregis
June 28BIRTHDAY - Briana Spiker
June 28BIRTHDAY - Chris Smith

If you discover a date that we've omitted, please be sure to let us know.