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The Spiker Gazette
Oxford, WVVolume  9Issue  5September 2015
In this Issue:Spiker Cousin Joins WVU Football
Spikers Love Everything Blue & Gold


Spiker Cousin Joins WVU Football

Writted by:  Wayne Struzik & Bobbi Spiker Conley    

        In June, we learned that my grandson, RC Brunstetter, would be moving his skills to West Virginia University."  (Wayne previously described the position RC plays on the team:  "Long Snapper...he gets the ball to the punter 15 yards away in less than a second, does the same for the field goal and the point after, and must do it perfectly every time.  Not by looking, but by knowing where to get it.")  

       RC, wearing #43, will be joining two other Davie High School (Mocksville, NC) teammates on the WVU roster -- Jared Barber & Jonn Young.  Barber, famously known as #33, is sporting a new number...#42. Coincidence? We'll let you decide.   

       The transfer to WVU will also reunite him next season with longtime friend & Davie H.S. punter, Jonn Young, who has committed to WVU on a full scholarship. Wayne said the former high school long snapper/punter combo "set the North Carolina High School Record for number of consecutive point after touchdown of 77." Can they do it again? Let's Go...

     We wonder if RC realizes how much the Spikers love everything Blue & Gold?

Yes. They attend WVU football games.

Yes, they dress from head to toe in Blue & Gold...

(continued at right)


(continued from left)     


They also play Corn Hole on WVU-painted boards, using WVU-colored bags...






They send & receive "snail mail" in their Blue & Gold mailbox situated in front of the Blue & Gold fence posts...






And, of course, the old outhouse is much more "inviting" sporting its Mountaineer decor...


But is there anything sweeter than a new Spiker being introduced to her first WVU Mountaineer football game?  

We didn't think so either.

Let's Go...






♦  Submitted by -- Bobbi Spiker Conley

     Talented crafter, Kari Deremer, has opened a store on Etsy featuring some of her String Art. And yes, there ARE items highlighting our favorite Blue & Gold, like the pieces shown here. Stop by her studio soon to see the rest of her pieces.