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The Spiker Gazette
Oxford, WVVolume  11Issue  9September 2017
In this Issue:Old Barn / New Art


Old Barn / New Art

Written by:  Bobbi Spiker-Conley

     Mike Spiker sent us photos of the newest piece of art being displayed at the Spiker Farm -- a barn quilt painted in traditional Mountaineer blue and gold.

     "I wanted to add a quilt-type addition to the barn," Mike explained. "I wanted it to be more personal than the standard ones you see, so I designed one with the 'S' for Spiker, the blue and gold for WVU, and the star is a take-off on some existing standard barn quilts (a block pattern known as the Ribbon Star.) I knew Missy Stotts could do this so I commissioned her -- with Brock as her assistant -- to make it. She modified it a little and then painted it for me. A local friend put it up on the barn."

     I asked Missy what it was that Mike said to convince her to paint the barn quilt. She just chuckled, saying "Well, who can say no to Mike!?

     "I really have never done a project that big so I was nervous, but we gave it a shot. It took me a few days, but that was just timing on our part, and waiting for the coats of paint to dry. Mike had a somewhat-design idea, but basically said he wanted an 'S' and WV colors so I played around on Pinterest and online a little bit and saw (how some of the other ones were) done, and sorta went with (this) design. I just hope it's acceptable as a barn quilt. I didn't follow any rules or regulations.

     "Brock got the supplies and I really just hid in the garage and tried to figure out the next step," Missy joked. "I did laugh and tell Brock one time that I remembered my dad working on projects and I'd ask him what he was doing. He responded with 'I really have no idea,' and in that moment, I knew exactly what my dad meant back then because I had a yardstick for measuring and (for drawing) straight lines, and really had no idea what I was doing."

     Well, we think she knew exactly what she was doing and that Mike picked exactly the right person for this job. It looks great!





Submitted by Cassidy Fouse: Leland Rhyan Helmick was born three weeks early on September 24, weighing an even six pounds.


Side note added by Aunt Bobbi: Leland is 17 years younger than his brother and 15 years younger than his sister. Similarly, Grandpa Bob was 17 years younger than his brother, Brad, and 14 years younger than his sister, Marjory. 


Submitted by Bobbi Spiker Conley:  Overhead views of the 11th Annual Bull Ride at John and Sue Ann Spiker's farm, July 2017.

Photos credit: Rando Wilfong, Drone Operator.