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We are the descendants of Jacob and Missouri "Gay" (Zinn) Spiker -- pictured here with their seven children at the Spiker family reunion in May 1949.









Jacob's Ancestors:

Ulrich Spiker (Mary Maria Weibel)
Jacob Spiker (Barbary Keim)
John Spiker (Mary ?)
David Spiker (Catherine Downs)
Isaac Monroe Spiker (Catherine D Bradford)
Jacob Spiker (Lillie Missouri Gay Zinn)
Robert Bradford (Margaret Unknown)
James Bradford (Barbara Joho)
Jacob Bradford Sr (Charlotte Lemley)
Jacob Bradford (Nancy Davis)
Catherine D Bradford (Isaac Monroe Spiker)
Jacob Spiker (Lillie Missouri Gay Zinn)

Gay's Ancestors:

Jacob Zinn (Catherina Unknown)
George Zinn (Anna Maria Saylor)
John W Zinn (Ruth Gandy)
Quilly Manley Zinn (Lucy Ann Wilson)
Marion Bukey Zinn (Alice Bush)
Lillie Missouri Gay Zinn (Jacob Spiker)
Hans Michael Bush (Eiffia Eva Plattner)
George Jerick A Bush (Susanna Unknown
George Adam Bush (Mary Mollie Wolfe)
George Farley Bush (Joanna G Springston)
Alice Bush (Marion Bukey Zinn)
Lillie Missouri Gay Zinn (Jacob Spiker)


Our growing family continues to meet every Memorial Day weekend at Jacob & Gay's home located on Holbrook Road in Ritchie County, West Virginia. This group photo was taken in 2012.